Monday, 2 April 2018

"How I slept with my neighbour's wife"

I am a Christian, God is my savior, but something silly happened to me because Satan managed to convince me.In January this year, a family migrated to our estate. One thing I noticed was that the wife was beautiful .I am the one who helped them bring their luggage into the house. The man is a police officer and the wife works in Mombasa port.Since I am the one who interacts most with the family we have developed friendship until the husband has trusted me a lot. I am married with three children and my neighbor has two.Sometimes the police is assigned duty in Nairobi, Malindi and other regions and each time he is away,he calls me to check whether his family is well. Over time, I have become used to his wife and she sometimes cooks for me when I visit them. Since I am a man and she is a woman, we started having feelings towards one another and with time, we started sending each other good messages. But we do so when her husband is away.
On Thursday the husband was sent to Bamburi beach to keep security. I knew he won’t come that night because he was on duty.I thought it was a good opportunity to visit his house and spend some hours before I came to sleep.In the house,I found the wife was wearing a transparent night dress.I tried to resist the temptation but she told me it was okay for me to be in the house. She assured me that nothing would happen.
After few minutes of talking,she came and sat next to me.We started chatting as she said how lonely she has been when the husband is away.The conversation became so deep that we started holding each other as I comforted her.Without realizing Satan was on my case,I found myself doing it on the Sofa Set.We had a thing for about 20 minutes and I went to my house.
On Saturday morning,I started feeling pain in my private parts.I assumed it was because of the energy I used in my neighbour’s house. But as time went by,my private parts became wide and big and more painful. By yesterday morning, I could not walk upright and the only thing I could wear was a towel. I called my friend who is a nurse and she told me that it’s not a normal medical case. Now I am stranded in my house, I don’t know whether to call the police to ask for forgiveness or wait for my end time to come. Please advise me, I am dying.
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