Monday, 2 April 2018

All Eyes On Elijah Ikpanor for Jechira race 2019

By Iorkyaa Lohodedo Peter
My fellow Compatriots,

I woke up this morning in my cottage feeling refreshingly pleasant with the reported news of Elijah Ikpanor’s declared political ambition to run for Jechira 2019.Please permit me to state categorically that there is no doubt that the candidature of Ikpanor would be a formidable force that should not be ignored because only a few young politicians in Nigeria today have the pedigree, the experience, the clout and the desired connection of the erudite scholar, Hon. Ikpanor Elijah.Having risen to the enviable position of a Ph.D holder the only place to go for this promising young talent is up! Indeed, Ikpanor is not new to the dynamics of power politics, he is the scion of a political dynasty that is well-known across the nation. He has all the criteria that a modern Nigerian member of NASS should have, he is urbane, suave, charismatic, cool and collected. But behind this charm, is a man of steel who is never afraid to pursue causes that he feels are right and just 

Ikpanor is one of those rare breeds who is street smart as well as book smart. This is evident in the different academic and non-academic positions he has steered his leadership path away from his contemporaries and triumphed without breaking up the ethics or desecrating his faith in his leadership abilities. Those who know, can say he is counting on his youthfulness and ability to connect with the youths and his strategy will be to spread the “I am one of you” message and show his track record of working with young technocrats and turning them into prolific achievers. 

Appositely there is no doubt that Ikpanor has been very calm and composed and methodical in his approach to governance. The comity of Jechira elders and youths in unison seem to agree that they want this new style to continue when tomorrow comes. In their paranoia, some of his acolytes see the raise and motion of Ikpanor as an indictment of the marauding leadership style which many have complained about as being too rigid and overtly annoying. The palpable tension in the land is disappearing and there is a new flow of camaraderie between a stellar of people under whatever guise at different levels. 

As it so please God, Ikpanor who will soon be 35 in a matter of weeks, is displaying his agility, dexterity in fast-paced fashion and reaching out to all Nigerians in a bid to fostering unity amongst a perpetually warring people. Nothing demonstrates this new found cooperation than the blistering and blitzkrieg visits of humble gentle man to communities that once felt ostracized and discriminated against in the past. For me, it looks surreal. 

There is nothing to worry about by those who think we are trying to over-praiseIkpanor. That is not our intention. As you may observe, the team is one, but the style of Ikpanor is just refreshingly different and ostensibly more effective to follow. That should not be a surprise to anyone. Ikpanor is a much younger man. As I noted earlier, he will celebrate his 35th birthday in a matter of days. He is a distinguished scholar locally grown but globally known. The choice is still yours. 

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