Saturday, 17 March 2018

Inspiration Corner: Explore your talents

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by Israel Ugochukwu Usulor

Have you asked yourself why no matter how high you threw a cat; its backside will never touch the earth? Do you wonder why the cheetah runs so fast? Are you amazed that a horse would run miles without as much as panting? Is it difficult for you to understand why birds fly so effortlessly or why fish are expert swimmers? We can go on and on enumerating the natural abilities of animals. Animals are able to do the various spectacular things they do because it is in their nature. Birds are naturally equipped to fly, just as monkeys are equipped to sleep on trees without slipping. This is what man calls talent-that natural ability to do something so excellently with little or no sweat.
No man is without a talent. Everyone has it. No man is empty. Every man is full. What is painful is that many men die with their talents. It’s due to this waste that Myles Munroe once admonished us to “die empty”. But for you to die empty, you must discover and make proper use of your talents.
Knowing who you are and what you were born to do is as vital as life itself. The first necessary step towards success is self-discovery. You have to know your inert abilities. Some are born singers, dancers, actors and actresses, footballers, writers, artists, comedians, mathematicians and so on.  Who are you and what can you do?
I give you an assignment today, and I urge you to take it very serious. You must urgently embark on a journey of self-introspection. Search within your inner man to discover the talent which lies in there. You must discover it; it’s the first step in your journey of building a successful life.

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