Monday, 15 January 2018

Reno Omokri: "No man makes love to his girlfriend, the highest he can make is sex"

Vocal critic, Reno Omokri has contended that what men make to their girlfriends is "sex" and not "love".
In a series of tweets released this mo

rning on Reno Nuggets, he said one can only make love to one's wife and not girlfriend. See the his several tweets below and drop your views on them. Do you agree with him?

No man makes love to his girlfriend. The highest he can make is sex. If he wants to make love to her, he must first of all demonstrate that love by restraining himself until they are married. Don’t be deceived, you can only make love to your wife

When money comes, don’t think of what you can buy or what you can save. Think of what you can invest. Investing money is like planting a money seed. It will eventually turn to a money tree that you can regularly pluck from and eventually leave to your children  

Dear men, Satan’s main tool for destroying your God designed destiny of greatness is by distracting you with women of easy virtue. The more women you sleep with out of wedlock, the more satan is able to dilute your destiny  

Dear slay queen, Your body is like a car. The more a car is driven, the more it loses value. The more drivers drive it the less value the car has. Don’t slay with different men. Stay with a decent man. It will give you more value than being passed from man to man  

Spend time, and money on your children and show them affection. Make them feel valued and when you get old they will complete the cycle by spending time and money on you and show you affection

When you are looking for a marriage partner, don’t look for sexual compatibility. That can be sorted out after marriage. Look instead for compatibility of personalities. A person can change many things, but they can hardly change their personality

It is good for people to like you, but don’t change yourself to make people like you. If you do, they may or may not like you, but you will end up not liking yourself. You see, while it is good for people to like you, it is better for you to like yourself  

Foolish men neglect their wives and children only to spoil their side chicks then in their old age they complain when their children abandon them. Children are like mirrors. How you treat them when they are young is how they will treat you when you are old

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