Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Read blow by blow account of Senate Resolutions on Benue Killings

Senate President Bukola Saraki
Today, the Nigerian Senate deliberated on the recent killing of 72 farmers in Guma and Logo Local Governments of Benue State. The Senate resolved as follows:

“We want to see immediate action. One point raised here today is the issue of justice. Without justice we cannot see unity and that justice stands as one of our recommendations”

”In the next 14 days, the Inspector General of Police must find the perpetrators, arrest them, and the Attorney General of Benue State must prosecute them. That is minimum requirement and it must happen”

"our resolution is that some of our discussions here need to be conveyed to Mr. President. We appreciate his actions for calling us and giving us a brief on what has happened. Hence, we owe it to him to tell him what we have discussed and the seriousness"

".with which we have taken the issue. It is a wake-up call for him and it is a wake-up call for us. It is a wake up call for this government. We must address the issue of security. We cannot continue to allow this violence to keep going on from one state to another"

“The President must act in this area, and those responsible for this must be held accountable. There must also be long term solutions. Part of this long term solution is that the members of the committee on security must objectively look into this”

"the military cannot be the solution all the time. This is because sometimes the military is overstretched and that has its own impact and problem.

“In this regard, we are hoping that the committee urgently comes up with the recommendation to us on what we need to do we need to do to strengthen the police, apart from more man-power. Is it community policing? Is it state policing? We need to know”

“Something must be done in this area, but more importantly we have condemned this killings but actions must begin to happen for us to re-assure Nigerians”

”We are not just here to just talk and we can assure nigerians that they'll see we'll see that the executive and all those involved”

"Senate Leader moves that all other items on the order paper be stood down to another Legislative day. Minority Leader Seconds. Plenary is adjourned to Wednesday, 17th January, 2018."

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