Thursday, 25 January 2018

"How I Found Out That I am HIV Positive"-Twitter User

A twitter user, Lihle narrated the story below of how he discovered his HIV status and how he has been able to survive since he was a boy. He has lived with the ailment for 19-years and is an inspiration for others. Read below:

The story of my life Been HIV postie for 19 years . Here to how I found out .

When i was five years old ,I started wondering why do i have to take medication everyday ...

One day my dad took me for check-up and i asked him "dad what's this medication for" ? But he couldn't answer me the same time . When we got home I asked him again and he asked me " Have you ever heard of HIV " ? 

I told him "yes ,you die when you have it " ....i was young .
Then my dad told me there's something in my blood. Didn't quiet understand him . Stood up and went to play with my friends.
Then when i was a little older I asked my mom the same question i asked my dad when i was five .

Luckily my mom she's the nurse . She then set me down and told me I'm HIV positive and she tried to explain that it's not the end of the world ,but I was far with away with my thoughts. Did not hear a word that time .

Time went by .It was a secret for the three of us in the family. No one knew even now.

Since now that i have finished my high school and that i understand it better ,I feel safe to let everyone know about my status.

HIV doesn't define who you are. Thank you.

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