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Acid Bath Victim Opens Up To The Journalist Blog: “How My Uncle’s Wife Mistook Me For My Elder Brother, Bathed Me With Acid and Ran Away Till Today”

There are stories you hear and your ears get to tingle like a door bell. You want to pinch yourself just to be sure you are still alive. Some stories are too shocking to be true. This is the type of story narrated to The Journalist Blog by Chizoba Francess, a victim of acid birth. Surprisingly, Chizzy, as she is fondly called, was attacked with raw acid by someone from her family. Chizzy’s is a story of miraculous survival. She has not only survived, but has gone ahead to bag degree in Biochemistry from the Anambra State University, Uli. But what really happened to Chizzy? Why would her uncle’s wife attack her with acid?
“It was family problems” Chizzy told this blog. “My father is the first son. And in their reasoning, they thought he wanted to take everything. So they planned to take away his only son” she said.
2004 was the year and the location was Awka Road Onitsha and the time was 4:00 am. Nine-year-old Chizzy was fast asleep, enjoying the early morning sleep made good by the cool breeze of the River Niger sauntering into their room. She was dreaming of how to celebrate her birthday which was 3-days away. She didn’t know she would spend not just her birthday in hospital, but another 18 months.
That fateful morning, her uncle’s wife, identified as Ebele had sneaked into the room with a container of raw acid and spilled the dangerous chemical on her face. The chemical took it from there, “Shredding the mattress on which I was sleeping” she said.
The chemical nearly destroyed her life hence her survival has been tagged a miracle.
Narrating the shocking story to The Journalist Blog, Chizzy said the original target of the attack was her brother, David. She said Ebele mistook her for David, hence the acid landed on her.
According to her, it happened “On a Monday morning, November 17 as early as 4 in the morning. It happened on the bed when I was sleeping. Just three days to my birthday. It was like hot water very very hot! And the smell was something else”
For a little girl of nine, Chizzy said her experience was hellish.
“It was like hell. There were wounds all over my body. I passed through hell and came back. I couldn’t  walk or stand. I lost a lot of blood and weight. I was at the  verge of death. But my name is Chizoba, so my name saved me” she said.
Lying on a hospital bed for complete 18-months is not what anybody would wish. But that was what Chizzy passed through: “I was in the hospital for 1year and 6 months. You can imagine for a small girl like me to be passing through something like that. During that time, if I slept  and remember that I still have to dress my wound the next day, I would wish that another day should not come” said Chizzy. Although her mother, Mrs nwando obanye, who was at her bedside assured her that her face would return to normal again, Chizzy came of  the hospital with a considerable scar on her once beautiful face. As a result, she faced a lot of challenges getting accepted among friends. The discrimination was obvious.
According to her, “it became more painful when my friends would see me and won’t recognize me. They will see me and run away. Even the people you grow up with. I would cry and cry. My mum kept on encouraging me. It wasn’t easy, but God gave me the courage”
Her courage and determination paid off. Her personality also helped her fight of the discrimination and self-esteem crisis that followed as according to her,  “Am the kind of a person that doesn’t take shit from anybody, and doesn’t want to be pitied”
When asked whether her uncle’s wife was arrested at all, she said Ebele disappeared afterwards, and that she hadn’t seen her since then. She said people who have seen her testified the woman had mental issues afterwards.
On what she plans to do with her life, Chizzy said: First of am believeing God for a help for my face surgery. Secondly I want God to bless me so I will reach out to people suffering from what  I have passed through”

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