Monday, 20 November 2017

How to check if you have been selected for Npower Programme

Those who applied for the Npower job creation programme of the APC government are advised to check if they have pre-selected for the inclusion, beginning from 11:30 pm this evening. This much is contained in an information released by the programme handlers in its official twitter handle this morning. Here is how to check if you have been pre-selected:

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Miss India is the new Miss World

Manushi Chhillar from India has been crown the new Miss World 2017. The medical student beat other 108 beauties from other countries to clinch the top pageant crown. Manushi Chhillar is 20.

More photos from Serena William's wedding to Alexis Ohanian

Tennis superstar Serena Williams and techie, Alexis Ohanian on Thursday tied the nuptial knot. Here are more pictures from the supper wedding. 

Anambra Elections: Niger Bridge closed to traffic

The popular Niger Bridge linking Anambra and Delta states is currently a ghost zone as it has been closed to traffic due to the ongoing Anambra governorship elections. Voting is currently ongoing in the keenly contested poll. See the photo of the deserted bridge below.

"I will carry the day"___boasts Obiano

The current Governor of Anambra state, Willie Obiano who is also contesting for a second term today's election has boasted that he will carry the day at the end of the election. Obiano made the declaration after casting his vote. He said:

“I am very confident that at the end of the day, I will carry the day. I will win this election by a landslide.”
“Though my card was verified, they said they couldn’t read my fingerprints, but I was able to vote because my voter’s card was verified by the device”.
“I’m happy with the turnout and I’m sure I will win by a landslide,”

Photos: Anambra Polls: Chidoka casts his vote at Obosi

The candidate of the UPP in the currently ongoing Anambra governorship elections, Osita Chidoka has cast his vote at Central School Ire, Obosi. The elections is going on despite threat of boycott by the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB. See photos below.

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Train geos off track in Lagos

A train has reportedly gone of track in Agege area of Lagos, prompting fears of possible casualties. The incident happened this morning. The police in Lagos say they are on top of the situation. 

Olarinde Famous-Cole who speaks for the police in the state said:

“We just got the information. Our policemen and those attached to the railway command are in control of the situation. I cannot confirm any death, but i can tell you that some persons were injured. ” We shall be able to furnish you with details later please.”


I remain the President of Zimbabwe, say Mugabe

Aged Zimbabwean ruler, Robert Mugabe has refused to throw in the towel, insisting that he is still the ruler of the country. Yesterday, Mugabe was arrested and confined to his house by the country's military. A priest named Fidelis Mukonori is said to be negotiation his peaceful exit, but that the old man has remained adamant.
Mugabe has being in power since 1980. It is alleged that his wife, Grace planned to succeed him.

Former Governor Sam Egwu and the look he gave President Buhari

President Muhamadu Buhari was in Ebonyi state recently to commission some projects executed by the Dave Umahi administration. Now lets take a look at the look on Former Governor Sam Egwu's face while the President delivered his speech.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Ojukwu's Son dumps APGA, declares for APC

Emeka Ojukwu Jnr, the son of late Biafran War Lord, Odumuegwu Ojukwu has dumped the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA and declared for APC. He made the declaration in Awka, the Anambra state capital at the grand finale of the party's governorship campaign which was attended by President Buhari.
Ojukwu Jnr said it is time for the Igbo to move from "the recession of the periphery to the center" adding that “it is time to leave the shadows for light. Every now and then, they come out with my father’s shadow to confuse the people,”
 “Mr. President, I am proud to stand here today in support of you and in solidarity with the APC and our candidate, Tony Nwoye,”

Late Odumegwu Ojukwu was a member of APGA.

Photo: Pope Francis gifted Lamborghini

Catholic leader, Pope Francis has received a gift of Lamborghini. He however plans to auction the car and donate the proceeds to charity. The Pope was said to have promptly blessed the automobile at the Casa Santa Marta.
The car, a Lamborghini Huracan, which sells for around 180,000, is a special edition.

How I got a car gift from a typist___ VP Osinbajo

In a story told to illustrate the importance of diligence in the work  place, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has told a story of how a diligent typist whom he helped scale up the social ladder remembered him and sent him a car gift. Read the touching story below.

Zimbabwe: Mugabe placed under house arrest, Zuma to send special envoys

The oldest leader in the world, Robert Mugabe is currently under house arrest, "confined to his home" by Zimbambwe Miliatry. This much was confirmed by South African President Jacob Zuma who said he spoke with the aged leader. 
Earlier today, the Zimbabwe Military took control of the state broadcaster, demanding an end to purges in the ruling ZANU-PF. The purge has seen the exit of Emmerson Mnangagwa who Mugabe fired last week.

However, South African President Jacob Zuma confirmed that Mugabe was fine. In a latest statement credited to him, Zuma said Mugabe "was confined to his home but said that he was fine. South Africa is also in contact with the Zimbabwean Defence Force (ZDF).” He further stated that SA was sending a special envoy to the country.

“The Special Envoys will also be sent to the Republic of Angola to the Republic of Angola to see President Joao Lourenco, Chairperson of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security to brief him on the situation.
“President Zuma has reiterated his call for calm and restraint and for the ZDF to ensure that peace and stability are not undermined in Zimbabwe.
“SADC will continue to monitor the situation closely,”

Zuma had earlier called “calm and restraint”in view of the situation.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Kaduna “Teachers”: The questions that must be asked

By Israel Usulor
Nigeria is a funny country, the clearest epitomistion of a Shakespearean stage in which day in day out, the leaders and the led act-out varying dramatic scripts that leave sideline watchers dazed. It is often said that Nigeria is a heaven for artistes who seek fresh ideas, for, there is always something new to write about, talk about or to convert into a block boaster Nollywood movie. With Nigeria, it is always “no dull moments”
So last week, the war between the Kaduna state Government and its “unqualified” teachers continued or as some say, reached its peak. In case you missed it, let me refresh your mind:
The Kaduna State Government led by Governor Nasir El-Rufai had in its wisdom conducted a competency test to test the ability of primary school teachers in the state. This apparently was in response to the abysmal level of education in the state. The questions administered on the teachers, words have it, were those of primary four pupils. The outcome proved just shocking as a whopping 22000 of the teachers failed to score 75% despite the ridiculously cheap questions. In fact, some of the questions papers released so far shows that the “brainless” teachers struggled to write the full name of the governor of the state. Governor Nasir El-Rufai has therefore vowed to give the teachers the short end of the stick by showing them the exit door. Already, the state government said applications for the new 25000 teachers have started rolling in despite stiff opposition from teachers in the state who has threatened a total showdown.
While one understands the plight of Governor El-Rufai, as expressed in his avowed decision to butt out the “teachers”, I cannot but raise some questions already thrown up by the saga. It became necessary to raise these questions given that Nigerians in their nature are already treating this mess as a “Kaduna case”. Treating the incident in Kaduna as an isolated one would ensure that we would never ask the necessary questions which could help sanitise the education sector.
One, how on earth did these 22000 “teachers”, who are in no way better than their students find their way into the teaching service? Was there a proper employment process? In whose administration were they engaged and how? If they were properly tested, interviewed and employed, how did their incompetence escape the watchful eyes of those who were in charge of the recruitment process? Or, were they engaged through cronyism, in which people of questionable academic backgrounds get enlisted into the civil service simple because they know someone at the top? The Kaduna state government must go beyond sacking these “teachers” and investigate the process that threw them into the teaching service.
Two, sacking the teachers might appear a progressive idea, but is that the best? Is the Kaduna state government comfortable with the idea that it is going to throw 22000 of its citizens into the tempestuous Nigerian labour market? One is of the opinion that there could be a political solution to the debacle. After all, Nigerian politicians are particularly good in finding political solutions. Why not initiate a retraining programm for the “teachers”? Not only are Nigerian teachers not cared for, there are no retraining programmes for them, and most of them never refresh their brain after many years of leaving school. They are attuned to the daily routine of using outdated methods, textbooks, and working in an outdated system. In a country where teachers barely feed well, where salary is a luxury, where teachers are never supported to go for refresher courses, why should anyone lay the blame solely on the teachers?
As I already pointed out, the Kaduna mess is not an isolated case, it is a national issue. The education sector is in shambles and the government cares less. And then let us not mistake the proposed sack of the teachers as the solution to more serious issues bedeviling the education sector. It is not!

What Exactly Do Nigerians Want? By Simon Kolawole

“To what can I compare this generation? It is like children playing a game in the public square. They complain to their friends, ‘We played wedding songs, and you didn’t dance, so we played funeral songs, and you didn’t mourn.’ For John didn’t spend his time eating and drinking, and you say, ‘He’s possessed by a demon.’ The Son of Man, on the other hand, feasts and drinks, and you say, ‘He’s a glutton and a drunkard, and a friend of tax collectors and other sinners!’ But wisdom is shown to be right by its results.” Ladies and gentlemen, Jesus Christ could well have been talking about us, Nigerians, in those words full of frustration but, most essentially, rooted in resolve.
For ages, we have been complaining about the standard of education in Nigeria. The problem starts from the foundation. If numeracy and literacy cannot be imparted at primary school level, is it at the secondary or tertiary level that students will start learning to read, write, spell and count? When 70% of those who write WAEC/NECO O’Level exams fail every year, would you say the problem started at SS3? We regularly produce university graduates that manage to cheat and beat the system and end up unemployable. As an employer of labour, I am often heart-broken at the quality of applications we receive anytime we advertise vacancies. Absolutely heart-breaking.
I thought I have been hearing commentators, activists and public officials complain about the quality of education in Nigeria for ages. I thought I have been hearing loud calls for reform. Yet anytime any governor or minister makes an attempt at reform, we murder them. I cannot believe the level of opposition to Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna state, in his attempt to reserve the misfortune of education in his state. He has come under attack for doing what most of us have been canvassing for decades. Someone wants to rid the system of illiteracy and install competence and all he gets for his efforts is abuse — in addition to demonstrations and strikes.
El-Rufai has come under heavy shelling over his decision to purge the education system of teachers that are clearly a danger to the society. Over 20,000 primary school teachers in the state failed a standard test for primary four pupils. Many cannot spell correctly. Some do not know that there is a science behind teaching. Many lack a grasp of the fundamentals of planning a child-centred presentation and the use of teaching aids. Some do not know “mean” and “median” numbers, much less have the ability to calculate them. Many do not know the three states of matter. Some cannot spell “malaria”. These are the teachers moulding the future of this country.
El-Rufai decided to lay them off, pay them off and employ competent teachers. These public schools, we must understand, are attended by children of the poor, the people we claim to love so much. We can afford to pay millions of naira for our own children to attend private schools where teachers can at least spell “Donald Trump” correctly. We can even afford to send our toddlers to foreign schools to receive the best of education money can buy. But the poor cannot afford it. So their children must necessarily attend the public schools where illiteracy is dished out to pupils. They do not have options. Their children have to be taught by teachers who cannot spell even their own names.
We complain about the state of affairs in the country. We then hammer anybody, who tries to put things right. So we attack el-Rufai for doing the needful when we should actually replicate this competency test across the country. Poor quality of teaching is a destroyer of national development. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, as governor of Edo state, sought to do what el-Rufai is doing now but had to retreat under bombardment from critics. Dr. Kayode Fayemi apparently lost his re-election bid as governor of Ekiti state partly because of a similar attempt at education reform. He was accused of disrespecting teachers “old enough to be his parents”! What do we really want?
In 2006, Mrs Oby Ezekwesili, as minister of education, came up with a plan that would have significantly turned around our education system by now. In a comprehensive package that covers all corners, she showed the sort of thinking that is always so lacking in governance in Nigeria. Her proposal for the Unity Schools would have seen them competing with private schools today. But what happened? We shot it down — on behalf of the “poor masses”. Are those schools better off today? If you reform, you are damned; if you don’t reform, you are damned. We piped, you did not dance. We wailed, you did not mourn. What exactly does this generation want?
To be sure, I am aware of suggestions that el-Rufai could re-train the teachers rather than lay them off. But try teaching a 40-year-old how to spell “Nigeria” and see how easy it is to re-train deadwoods. Would you allow your children to be taught by these Kaduna teachers while they are undergoing re-training? Would you? This does not mean I do not have my own reservations about el-Rufai’s reform management strategy. After all, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, as education commissioner under Governor Bukola Saraki in Kwara state, succeeded with his own reform. The political management of reform is as important as the reform itself. But that is a different topic.
I have watched the state of things in Nigeria closely in the last 30 years and I am still trying to figure out how we are going to get out of chronic underdevelopment. We complain and cry, but we oppose any attempt to correct things. We are unable to reach anything close to a national consensus on the way forward. Some just take the opposite direction out of ignorance, some out of mass hysteria, some for political reasons, some for cheap publicity, some out of hardened ideologies and some for no reason. Our inconsistency is amazing. We would condemn President Jonathan for one thing and commend President Buhari for the same thing — and vice-versa. What exactly do we want?
For instance, we criticised Jonathan for not fighting corruption. I dare say that he lost the 2015 election partly for his failure to frontally confront this monster. We accused him of not having the balls. Now that President Muhammadu Buhari is going after those who had too much free access to the national treasury under Jonathan, we are complaining again. Generals are refunding billions and facing trial. It has never happened in this country. Judges are undergoing trial for graft. Politicians are refunding money. But we are here murmuring. You fight corruption, you are damned. You don’t fight corruption, you are damned. What exactly do we want?
Of course, I agree that Buhari’s anti-corruption crusade so far has only slaughtered his political opponents. I have complained about this too. I wish he would go after corrupt APC elements as well. But even when President Obasanjo went after members of his own party, we still complained. When he fired his friend, the late Chief SM Afolabi, as minister (over the national ID card scam), and sacked Alhaji Tafa Balogun as police chief, he was described as an “ingrate” for removing people who actively worked for his re-election in 2003. Head, you lose. Tail, you lose. There is practically no step a president or governor will take that will not be criticised, mostly for political reasons.
Obasanjo was accused of being a dictator. We called him a military ruler in civilian uniform. On the cover of a news magazine sometime in 2002 was a morphed picture featuring half the face of Obasanjo and half the face of Gen. Sani Abacha with the title: “Abachanjo”. We pilloried Obasanjo endlessly. But Jonathan came as a meek and humble president, getting challenged and humiliated by his subordinates and members of his party — and we accused him of being “too soft”. Someone told me: “Obasanjo would not have registered APC. He would not have lost re-election. Jonathan was too gentle.” We don’t want a dictator, we don’t want a democrat. What exactly do we want?
In the final analysis, leadership has to focus on results with resolve. Any leader, who is easily swayed by the crowd, will always be unstable, getting tossed back and forth by every wind of doctrine. There must be sincerity and tenacity of purpose to achieve results. As a Christian, I will repeat the words of Jesus Christ: “Wisdom is shown to be right by its results.” Or, in the words of Prophet Muhammad, “actions are judged according to intentions”. Our leaders should regularly check their intentions, appraise the purpose of their actions and weigh the results. As long as the vision is genuine and the motive is altruistic and fair, the words of the naysayers should not really matter. This I believe.

Photos: Fashola participates in novelty football match to mark UNIBEN Law Faculty Re-union

Nigeria's Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola today took part in a novelty football match to mark the 30th Year Re-union of UNIBEN Law class '87.

See photos below.


Evil: Lagos Woman Throws housemaid from 2nd floor

A yet to be identified woman has been arrested in Lagos for throwing her housemaid from the 2nd floor of a building in Lagos. The girl who is also not named sustained deep injuries on her head. The story is a further indication of what house-helps suffer in the country. They are never cared for and are treated shabbily often by very lazy housewives. Shockingly, many Nigerian parents still rent off their kids to serve as house-helps in cities like Lagos, Abuja and others where they often return emotionally bruised.

The photos were shared on Facebook by Francesca Joseph-Esenwa:

Despite motherhood, Mercy Johnson still curvy in new walkout photos

Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson, also called Mummy Purity and her husband Prince Odi shared these walkout photos. Just how curvy she is despite childbearing! Wow!

Prince Odi wrote;
“Keeping Fit and Looking Good is Good Business. Early Morning Workout with my BABE!!!! Have a wonderful week ahead my beautiful people. God bless y’all.”

On her part, Mercy wrote:

 “Weekend vibes…See me begging hubby not to pity me o….just use Man hand tight am….
Good Morning Friends… Have a great week…”

JUST IN: Kogi sends delegation to understudy Kaduna Competency Test, to replicate same in state

The Commissioner and his delegation
News just coming in indicates that the Kogi state government has sent a delegation led by its Commisioner for Education, Hon. J.S Tolorunleke to understudy the Kaduna Competency Test with a view to replicating same in Kogi. Kaduna State Governor,   Nasir El-Rufai shared the news on his twitter handle @GovKaduna. It could be recalled that Kaduna state had conducted the said test on its teachers. More than 20000 of the teachers failed woefully. The government has vowed to show the teachers the exit door. See the tweet below.

Governor Kaduna @GovKaduna
FLASH: Kogi State Government’s delegation led by the Commissioner for Education, Hon. J.S Tolorunleke are in Kaduna to understudy the competency test conducted for primary school teachers in public schools so as to replicate the same in Kogi State.

Lols! Photos of a local roundabout in Benue state got tongues wagging

This photo of a local roundabout in Ugba, Logo Government Area of Benue state got Facebook users talking. See the photos below as shared by a Facebook user, Simon Mhen Iorbee.

He wrote:

The name of this place is Kator's roundabout. I was asked to come to Kator's roundabout yesterday and I passed this place several time but little did I know this is a roundabout.
I learnt something yesterday at least, I will start constructing roundabouts like this all over konshisha LG in a bid and in preparation for my 2019 Gubernatorial election. One bag of cement is enough for a roundabout.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

Photo: Common Sense Senator, Ben Bruce, his son Jared seen together with Miss Nigeria

As shared on his twitter handle.

Pictured: Senator Ben Bruce pictured with Akon

Common sense Senator, Ben Bruce shared this picture of himself and Senegalese singer, Akon. Bruce shared the photo on his twitter handle and captioned it "with Akon a few minutes ago". See the photo below.

MMM boys showcase toys!

Triple MG CEO, Ubi Franklin and his protigee, Tekno today took to social media to showcase their cars. They music big boys were pictured sitting on their Range Rover toys. See the photo below.

"Bianca abandoned my father" says Emeka Jnr

In an interview published by The Telegraph, son of late Biafran War Lord, Chukuwemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, Emeka Jnr has said that Bianca Ojukwu abandoned the late Dim. He said Bianca, a former Miss Nigeria abandoned the late soldier and rather chose to please herself. See the interview below.

He said, Bianca has been saying and I do not want to associate myself with her. This is a woman who wants to create an impression that she loved Ezeigbo, but while Ezeigbo was sick, she chose not to take care of him and rather pleased herself.’
What do you mean that she chose not to take care of Ezeigbo?
She had made many disparaging remarks about the former governor, Obi, in an attempt to curry favour with Obiano, forgetting that when Ezeigbo was gravely ill, Obi, with the help of his friends, was able to get a private jet and took my father to England, so that he could get the medical attention he received. She forgets also that it was Obi and other well-meaning folks who were instrumental in persuading the then President Goodluck Jonathan to accord my father what was, in essence, a state funeral.
I remain grateful for what he did for Ezeigbo and for the family. Keep in mind that regardless of whatever support my father may have given to him, it was not mandatory that he extend himself in that manner. After all, his name is Obi and not Ojukwu.
When Ezeigbo had a stroke, he was being ‘treated’ at home. He was neither given a CAT scan, MRI nor subjected to any of the standard procedures applicable to a stroke victim. She insisted on having him treated in his bedroom by her doctor, against the wishes of the family, for two weeks! At some point, family members were stopped at the gate from inquiring about Ezeigbo’s condition. On several occasions, I had to force myself in to see him. So all this grandstanding that Bianca is putting up is just to create a false impression about her relationship with my father and unsuspecting members of the public are buying into it.
But we understand that Bianca was with your father when he was flown to England and made efforts at taking him from Wellington Clinic to another hospital known as Lynden Hill Therapeutic Centre?
All the evidences are available and well documented. First of all, the air ambulance provided only had room for one family member and it was decided that she should go with him in the ambulance. You are right. Certain changes were made in terms of treatment centres. Lynden Hill Clinic was the third place he was moved to.
We were dismayed by the decision, because you have to understand that throughout his treatment, he required 24-hour nursing care, and that particular centre was illequipped to handle a patient in his condition, even with 24 -hour nursing.
That was why he was transferred, yet again, to the Royal Berkshire when his health, predictably, deteriorated. Several members of my father’s immediate and extended family, including myself, made a concerted effort to have him moved to a neurological rehabilitation centre, where he would receive the sort of treatment he needed. But again, Bianca blocked our efforts, and on the 25th of November 2011, a date I will never forget, without reference to the family, she had him discharged from the Royal Berkshire and transferred to yet another ill-equipped nursing home, this time in London, where he died a few hours later.

700 Million website: Fayemi's Ministry denies report

The Ministry of Mines and Steal Development, headed by Kayode Fayemi, has denied that it used a whopping N700 million to develop a website. This is coming after a nationwide outrage following the revelation last week. In a lengthy statement released by the ministry, it claimed the money was used for IT infrastructure other than just website. See the statement below.

Kayode Fayemi

The attention of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development has been drawn to news making the rounds especially on the social media that the Ministry spent the sum of N700million creating a website for itself. The Ministry considers it incumbent to react swiftly to this misrepresentation and to set the records straight.
2. It is important for clarity to state that what the Ministry has acquired with the said sum of money is an integrated IT infrastructure which comprises two Data Centres, an off-site recovery centre, civil and environmental works on the Centres, running of the Centres till end of first quarter 2018, training of over 225 officials locally and internationally amongst other cost components of the entire infrastructure and programme. It is indeed disingenuous of anyone to reinvent and reduce all of these into an expenditure on a website.
3. When, last Thursday, 9th November 2017, our Ministers led other officials of the ministry and sectoral stakeholders to unveil the IT Integrated Automation & Interactive Solid Minerals Portal (IAISMP), we were really fulfilling one of the short-term pledges listed in our roadmap. These assets form critical pillars of our agenda to reform the mining and minerals sector, particularly as a key step towards our vision to lead the sector to shared mining prosperity where we make significant contributions to GDP in the country.
4. In realising aspects of this project as a turnkey solution, we have been careful to follow all laid down processes. Since the cost of implementing the project is above ministerial limits, we sought and obtained the concurrence of the Federal Executive Council after a detailed presentation in January 2017.
5. In the course of the project, we have emphasised the need for stakeholders’ interface, which included a facility inspection tour for reporters and journalists who cover the sector. We have no reason to commit public resources to projects that will not advance the cause of repositioning our sector and we believe that we did everything to intimate the general public about our activities in this respect.
6. For the records and for public information, our IT Integrated Automation & Interactive Solid Minerals Portal (IAISMP) project has the following key components:
6.1. Feasibility assessment, needs analyses and re-engineering of the IT processes within the ministry, departments and agencies;
6.2. 2nos data centres (a fully equipped on-premises centre within the ministry and another off-site centre for recovery and real-time backup in case of emergency), also covering civil and environmental works;
6.3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution and Electronic Document Management System (eDMS) solution—Microsoft Dynamics AX: Financials, Supply Chain, Business Intelligence, Human Capital, Procurement (license and maintenance);
6.4. Basic and advanced IT (ERP & eDMS) and GIS training programmes for 200nos staff of the ministry and its agencies. Already 75 officials have been trained in Abuja;
6.5. GIS capacity building for 25nos management and lead technical staff with Esri;
6.6. Wide Area Network at the ministry’s headquarters and all its 10 agencies (including back up internet, disaster recovery hosting and DR site internet—installation and initial one-year subscription);
6.7. Procurement, supply and installation of a GIS laboratory with 20nos computer systems;
6.8. Building of GIS Web Portal with Business Automation System, Content Management System (CMS), Decision Support System and Side Stream along the minerals corridor;
6.9. Reordering and re-organisation of available geological data in the sector into geospatial database;
6.10. Online Mining Licensing and Mineral Title Application with tracking system for openness, transparency and accountability in compliance with global EITI standards for the extractives sector;
6.11. Online payment (royalties and fees) and blocking of revenue leakages by integrating/interfacing with Remita, GIFMIS and relevant revenue generating MDAs of the government;
6.12. Enterprise ArcGIS Solution license and maintenance for GIS Mining and Assets Management;
6.13. On-site project management and execution staff (26nos), including operationalisation of the project management office for upward of 10 months. Project staff to remain on-site till end of Q1-2018;
6.14. Procurement, supply and installation of various project equipment, complete with civil works;
6.15. Collaborative tools and help desk; and,
6.16. Strategic communications.
7. It is most important to state that acquired IT infrastructure, in all its ramifications, is an enabler of the serious work at repositioning the sector. For us, this is never an end in itself but a robust attempt to ease how the regulatory-cum-administrative systems interface with mining operators and stakeholders everywhere. It is noteworthy that only this past October [2017], the Mining Journal’s World Risk Report, which rated different mining jurisdictions on a range of indicators including legal, governance social, fiscal and infrastructure indicated that Nigeria is showing notable improvements in positions. In the two years that we have methodically and deliberately introduced reforms and implemented a roadmap, our sector now has better perception, lowered investments risks and improved opportunity index.
8. The import of this assessment, in light of the World Bank’s Report on the improved status of our country towards ease of doing business, cannot be far-fetched. Ours is a modest effort to consolidate the overall efforts of the Federal Government at increasing opportunities in other sectors of the economy.
9. We have done repeated due diligence to ensure that the implementation of the project does not only meet expected design but also fits into globally recognised systems and further help us to place our jurisdiction on the mining map. A phased approach has been adopted, with incremental deliverables which should be fully completed by end of first quarter of 2018.
10. We continue to be open to checks and to present ourselves to public scrutiny. We want to assure all Nigerians that we do not take lightly the confidence reposed in us or in our government nor would we do anything to undermine our reputation under whatever guise.
11. We come from a tradition of commitment to service and honour in the handling of all our public service roles. In superintending over this project, we are confident to declare that we have not let the ball down, therefore it is wantonly disingenuous for anyone to reinvent and reduce all of these into an expenditure on a website.

IG Idris denies "romance" statement

The Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris has denied that he made a statement that he will have romantic statement with whomever he wants. The denial came as a statement purported to have emanated from went viral online indicating that the IG said he is free to have romantic relationship with whomever he wants. This also followed an earlier allegation by Senator Isa Misau who alleged that IG impregnated a female police officer. In a statement released by Police spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, the police IG debunked the earlier claim as untrue.

“RE: I’m free to have romantic affair with any policewoman – IG
This story credited to Punch Online is Untrue and Unfounded, pure fabrications and a fake news.
It is a mischievous attempt to mislead and misinform members of the Public and as well cast aspersions on the person and hard earned reputation of the Inspector General of Police, IGP Ibrahim K. Idris NPM, mni.
What the IGP said in the document submitted to the Senate Ad-hoc committee investigating the spurious allegation against the IGP is that no law stops a Police Officer in Service to marry another Police Officer on an Officer cadre.
He never said I’m free to have romantic affairs with Police women.
Members of the public are implored to disregard and discountenance the story in its entirety.
The Inspector General of Police remains undistracted
Force Public Relations Officer.”

Construction worker takes own life after fatal heartbreak


A construction worker identified as Ugochukwu has taken his own life after suffering heartbreak. The man was said to have drank Sniper popular known used as anti mosquito chemical in Nigeria. A Facebook user shared the story. According to him, the incident happened at Oyo street area 2 Garki Abuja.
See the post below:

“This is a breaking story..40mins ago at Oyo street area 2 Garki Abuja
A young man named Ugochukwu from Abia state who works with a construction firm in Abuja yesterday got a bottle of Sniper.. his colleagues saw it and asked him what he was doing with a bottle of the insecticide . .he said he wanted to put it in the house to repel insects..they collected it from him that it wasn’t necessary..unknown to them he went back and got two more bottles of the insecticide and consumed it with a bottle of water..he slumped and died..most of his colleagues are crying and cursing the poor soul.. hope he finds rest where he is now.”

Designed by Jide Ogunsanya.