Sunday, 8 October 2017

Sad!: Little girl dies after drinking herbal oil

A beautiful baby girl named Leila has died after she drank camphor oil meant to be used as chest rob.
According to her mum, Jessica Landim, 23, her baby was fuming and had seizsures thereafter. This led to her being placed under intensive care.
According to the mother was is from Liverpool:
'She started coughing in a desperate way - I thought she was choking.
'She was having mini-seizures, her lips turned blue and really big. Then her tongue was rolling around out of her mouth, and she was only breathing every five to 10 seconds.
'There was lots of oil on her clothing. She was foaming at the mouth too, and looking through me. I was shaking, it's indescribable how you feel - I still can't stand still.'
Leila was eleven-month-old.

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