Thursday, 26 October 2017

Photo Speak: How angry mob burnt serial thief and packed his ashes into a casket

Yesterday, this blog reported a developing story of a young graduate of Agricultural Economics who was caught stealing and was promptly burnt to death by an angry mob in Ikyurav-ya, Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State. More facts has emerged indicating that Moses was caught stealing in his village of Ikyrav-ya.

The late suspect, Moses Bagu was said to be waiting mobilisation for youth service by the NYSC. 
However, reliable sources told this blog that Moses was a serial thief whose case of thievery was suspect to be a demonic curse. 
According to the source"
"It started from secondary school days. Was caught severally in the university as well but a lot of people intervened on his behalf under the guise that it's not normal till he graduated this year"
 This appears to be supported by Moses' last Facebook post made on October 5. See the post below.

But on what transpired the day Moses was caught and burnt alive for stealing, the source had this to say:
"They can't tell us what happened exactly on that day. Some report that he stole 10,000 and a laptop while others said he was caught with nothing. We are yet to know what really triggered that". He said.
However, more photos has emerged showing Moses' burnt body and ashes. The photos also shows the angry mob in the process of rapping his burnt body in a blanket for a waiting cofin.
See the scary photos below.


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