Saturday, 14 October 2017

Distinguished Sen. Dino Daniel Melaye : The Man whose God reigns and never fails..

By Solomon Semaka

Senator Melaye in a warn handshake with President Putin of Russia
Senator Dino Melaye who recently emerged as best senator of the year 2017 is a man whose political stars and social recognition has continued to soar both on the home front and international scene. This evening distinguished senator Dino Melaye met with one of the world's most powerful presidents and President of Russian Republic; Vladimir Putin in st Petersburg they shared deep and passionate thoughts on Africa and democracy in developing countries. This occasion presents a moment of inspiration and deep reflection for the Nigerian youth. It calls for a reappraisal of our thoughts and values as young people. It present a challenge to us the youth to reexamine the choices we make in our quest towards progress. Let me call on youths in Africa especially Nigeria where underdevelopment has engulfed us...let me emphasis that until we reassess the uses of social media and reexamine our innermost potentials, success would continue to evade us. Let's look up to people like our dear brother Sen Dino Melaye who have led by example and shown courage so as to get inspiration and hope for the best.

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