Thursday, 5 October 2017

2017 Nobel Prize for Literature Awarded to Kazuo Ishiguro

The 2017 Nobel Prize for Literature has been awarded to Kazuo Ishiguro for ‘‘works that uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world", the prize committee say.
According to the prize committee, “Ishiguro’s writings are marked by a carefully restrained mode of expression, independent of whatever events are taking place,”
The author has written eight books, including “The Remains of the Day” (1989) which was translated into a film. 
Reacting to the award, Ishiguro, 62, said  the award “flabbergastingly flattering.’’
According to him, “It’s a magnificent honour, mainly because it means that I’m in the footsteps of the greatest authors that have lived, so that’s a terrific commendation.”

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