Saturday, 30 September 2017

Photos: Python tries to swallow dog, gets killed

The photos below was shared yesterday by a Facebook user who said the incident happened in her backyard. It indicates that the python tried to swallow a dog, but got killed instead. The dog also died. See the photos below.

In Platuau: 20-year-old man to die by hanging for killing his dad

For shooting his dad to death, Ponjul Yakubu aged 20, has been sentenced to death by hanging!
Justice A.I. Ashom of a Plateau State High Court handed the verdict on Friday. According to the court:

“Going by the findings of this court, you, Ponjul Yakubu, mercilessly took the life of your father, Domsing Yakubu, in cold blood.

“You have, however, shown remorse and appeared sober throughout your trial; however, this sentence is mandatory as the law states that any person convicted of murder shall be punished with death by hanging.

“The sentence of this court upon you is that you, Ponjul Yakubu, will be hanged until you are dead. May God have mercy on your soul,” 


Good news: NCC says Glo, MTN, Airtel, 9Mobile others, must give 14 days grace after the expiration of data

NCC, the body that regulates telecommunication in Nigeria, has ordered telecos to give a 14 day grace for subscribers to exhaust their data after the statutory 30-day expiration period.
The order was given in Mina, Niger state, at the Consumers Conversation Forum organised by the NCC to enlighten consumers.
According to Ms. Hellen Obi, who represented the Executive Vice Chairman NCC, Professor Umar Danbata:
“NCC has mandated all network providers to give their subscribers 14 days of grace after the 30 days expiration of their data if they still have data left and cannot recharge to get their data rolled over,” 
The NCC also released its toll-free line, 622 to enable subscribers report their grievances.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Zhara Buhari laments deplorable state of State House Clinic despite huge allocation

The president's daughter, Mrs Zhara Buhari Indimi has taken to social media to lament the deplorable state of the State House Clinic, where according to her, the workers have no equipment to work with. See her statement below.

Incredible: Boy survives after huge tree crashed on him

Wasiu Adenikan, an SS3 student of  Ekpan Secondary School, Warri, Delta state could be described as a cat with nine lives. No one knew he could survive after a huge tree in his school premises suddenly came crashing and landed on him,  on September 21.
A source in the school told The Journalist Blog that the incident nearly threw the school into mourning.
According to the source who prefers anonymity: “We were all preparing to close for the day around few minutes past 1pm yesterday when the tree fell. There were many students under the tree, and some were even using the tree as their swing. Luckily, they all fled except one senior student. He was quickly rushed to the hospital by some teachers after struggling to remove him from the fallen branches”
The source added that the tree which looked very much lively, “fell on its own”
Wasiu, a native of Iyana Ipaja in Lagos state and whose parents is based in Warri, narrated the story to The Journalist Blog.
Wasiu said he and one other friend were passing under the tree when it started falling.
His words: “I did not see the tree when it was falling. Me and my friend were talking, and passing under the tree. I heard a sound, and I didn’t know it was the wood. The friend I was talking to ran away. So when I looked back, I saw the tree falling, and hit me. I fell down and I was rushed to the hospital”
He later regained consciousness in the hospital.
Our source also confirmed that the boy had fully recovered and had resumed school.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Fayose reacts to the arrest of Ekiti Govt officials

The Ekiti state governor, Ayo Fayose has reacted to the arrest of some officials serving under him by the EFCC. The Governor said “The EFCC is obviously living up to its status as the attack-dog of the All Progressives Congress government, but Ekiti State government under Governor Ayodele Fayose cannot be intimidated.”
According to him, “It is funny that the EFCC, in the bid to carry out its usual hatchet job against Governor Fayose, failed to take into cognisance the subsisting court order, which forbids any official of the Ekiti State government from being arrested by the EFCC. Up till today, the court order has not been appealed and it subsists.”
It could be recalled that the EFCC on Thursday arrested Ekiti state's Commissioner for Finance, Chief Toyin Ojo, and the Accountant General, Mrs Yemisi Owolabi. 

Fayose is a ‘confusionist’ says Senator Kashamu

Senator Buruji Kasahamu who represents Ogun East Senatorial District at the Senate has reacted bitterly to the presidential ambition of Ekiti state Governor, Ayo Fayose. The Senator described the governor as a ‘confusionist’ and number one destroyer of PDP. He described the move as comic.

“He looks like Baba Sala, alawada kerikeri. He is not reliable,  he is a ‘confusionist’ and number one destroyer of the party. How on earth would somebody, who agreed with other party chieftains, that the presidential ticket of the party for 2019 should be zoned to the North, would now turn around to start campaigning for the same ticket as a southerner, and particularly as a south-westerner to the detriment of the national chairmanship ticket of the party already zoned to the area.
“Lovers of our great party and politically-minded Nigerians generally should, by this action of Fayose, see him as the number one destroyer of the party and the most cantankerous politician in the polity who can, at anytime, abuse anybody and go against agreed plans at anytime.”

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Photos: President Buhari Presides over Federal Executive Council Meeting

President Muhammadu Buhari today presided over the Federal Executive Council meeting. This is the first meeting after the President returned from the United Nations General Assembly and London where he made a brief stop-over. See the photos below:

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Proud Farmer showcases wife who is a graduate and who makes a living from Garri processing

Facebook user, Smith Akom Takema took to Facebook to praise his wife who engages in garri processing. According to him, his wife is a graduate of Business Administration but who is currently unemployed. See the post below

"This my wife a 🎓 graduate of public administration and she doesn't have job. 

In this picture she frying her Garri , she and some of her women in church who came to help are on their 5th bag. 

She expecting to make 10bags and a bag of garri goes for 20k now in the next 2months it will be twice the price. 

You must not get a government job, get down to reality and make your cool money.

I will borrow from the sales to service my truck in view for the forthcoming yams harvest"

Psquare fight: Reno Omokri reacts, says God teaching Nigeria lesson through twins

Popular author and former aide to Goodluck Jonathan, Reno Omokri has reacted to the viral video in which Peter and Paul of Psqaure were filmed engaging each other in a fighting match. In his reaction, Reno linked the singers' fight to Nigeria. Read his tweets below:

Psquare fight video: Keyamo reacts

Earlier today, the Internet went abuzz with the leakage of a video in which singing twins were seen engaging each other in a shouting match. The quarrel which almost degenerated into blows, happened in front of their lawyer, Festus Keyamo, SAN. Keyamo released the statement below in respect of the feud.

"Our attention has been drawn to the on-going feud between the PSquare brothers in online, print and electronic media. We have also been inundated with calls from the media to authenticate the correspondence Peter Okoye sent to our office, indicating his intention to terminate the contract between the brothers for various reasons and the online video showing a purported scuffle between the brothers in our Chambers.
Firstly, while it is obvious that none of these materials were released from our Chambers, we are thoroughly saddened and embarrassed by these developments. As their close friends and lawyers over many years, we have done our very best to manage their differences over time and very prominent personalities have been invited in the past to intervene.
We are well aware that we have a duty to keep the details of their disagreements confidential, so we shall say nothing here on the issues at stake. But since the disagreement is now in the public domain, and our name has been dragged into the fray, we wish to appeal to members of the public to refrain from jumping into uninformed conclusions about this feud.
None of these talented brothers are at fault. None of them is also wholly justified and correct in their individual positions. We also wish to state categorically that, contrary to widely held opinions, none of their wives are at fault. In fact, the wives have kept their respectable and dignified distances from all the issues involved. THEY HAVE NEVER INTERFERED in any way.
We also want to state that whilst all the three brothers may have genuine grievances, nobody’s life is at risk. All the various incidents that happened in our Chambers (some as late at 12 midnight and 2 am and one of which was captured in the online video) arose out of various meetings that were genuine attempts at resolving their differences. Whatever was said by all of them that were provocative were done in the heat of passion, emotion, and anger. In fact, the incident in the video circulating online happened sometime around May 2016. After all those arguments, we all still sat down and signed agreements and we were all happy.
So, we appeal to everyone to please grant the Okoye family the privacy, prayers, and support that they need at these trying times. I have also appealed to all of them not to grant further interviews at this point so as not to escalate the issues further. Whatever is going on is the usual siblings’ rivalry experienced in most families. It is nothing unusual.
We are of the strong opinion that the brothers would eventually put away their differences and come back stronger.
Thank you.
Yours most trusted,
Head of Chambers"

Letter to Nnamdi Kanu, by Reuben Abati

 By Reuben Abati

Dear Nnamdi Kanu,
We have never met. I only know you by reputation and I have had cause in the last year to write on your activities within the public arena and offer my own views about you, your persona, and your interventions in the Nigerian debate. I sincerely hope you would get to read this letter wherever you may be, that is assuming you are still alive.
Your father’s house was recently invaded by the Nigerian military (surprised you don’t have a house of your own!). We were later told that you simply disappeared into thin air, along with your parents. The murderous Operation Python Dance II that was unleashed on Igboland by the Federal Government of Nigeria has since become a subject of national interest. Many people have proclaimed that you have been killed, abducted and that many members of your family and movement – the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have been wasted. Some people said you were called The Lion, but when trouble came, you were the first to run away from the zoo.
You had boasted that you will deal with any invading force from Abuja. You also said it would be “Biafra or Death”. But when death came calling in the shape of Operation Python Dance II, your enemies insisted that you should have waited. Don’t mind them, oh. I have defended you in another piece where I argued that it is probably better to run away so you can live to fight another day. Of course, it is not every revolutionary that runs away.
Che Guevara died in the struggle, and Martin Luther King, Patrice Lumumba, and so on. Nelson Mandela was jailed for life, but he lived to tell the story. In your case, the way the Nigerian state has been carrying on, it is clear they don’t want you to tell any more stories. You have been charged for treason. You have now been labeled a terrorist. Your organization has been proscribed, and labeled an enemy of the Nigerian state. A week after soldiers stormed your state, neighbourhood and home, the Nigerian Air Force began to drop its men from helicopters all over Igboland. They call it show of force.
I guess all of that is to let you and your men know that wherever you are, the Nigerian state is determined to hunt you down. If you are on land, they will grab you. If you hide in the skies, the Air Force will bring you down. And if you hide in the seas, the Nigerian Navy and the Amphibious Brigade of the Nigeria Army will fish you out. Officially, we have been told that you and IPOB are worse than violent herdsmen and the Boko Haram who have killed thousands of Nigerians in the last year alone. The Boko Haram has been declared the fourth most violent group in the world, but the Nigerian government insists that you pose a greater threat. In fact, a government spokesperson sounded as if there is a secret plan in place to give herdsmen and the Boko Haram national honours.
There is probably something that the Nigerian government and state actors know that we do not know. You were dealing with the charge of treason, now there is the additional allegation of terrorism. Don’t ever deceive yourself that if you get arrested again, you’d be released, except perhaps you change your identity and claim that you are now a herdsman or a member of the Boko Haram. There may be many people who have Nicodemus access to you who may be telling you to come and confront the Nigerian state. That is how Nigerians sweet-tongue people to their death. I am sure that by now, from your hiding place, you would have learnt some lessons.
The Nigerian state may be against you, but the people you really have to fear are the same people you claim to be leading, that is the same people who used to call you messiah and who followed you about, kneeling before you and kissing the ground on which you walked. Of what use is a change-agent without committed followers? Of what use is a revolution without the people’s buy-in? Of what use is an ideology without foot-soldiers? The moment the Federal Government activated Operation Python II, most of the people who used to support you have gone completely silent. The Biafra Secret Service is nowhere to be seen. The Biafra National Guard threw away its uniform. Some of those boys who used to wave the Biafran flag and wear the Biafran cap have thrown them away too. One or two persons are still issuing statements on behalf of IPOB, but even those statements sound like they were issued from business centres. Your own kinsmen have called you a tyrant and an opportunist. Many of them have written social media pieces advising the Federal Government to deal with you, because you don’t listen to advice. They even say you are not a true revolutionary but a gold-digger.
In all manner of ways, the Governors of the five Igbo states are using you to play politics. They have declared IPOB an illegal organization. They are openly abusing you. All the big men in Igbo land are as quiet as the dead sea. Igbo traditional rulers have refused to support your father who is their colleague. Some of them have in fact asked the Abia state Governor to withdraw his certificate and staff of office and appoint another person in his place. Even the big men who signed your bail documents have refused to defend you. You used to boast about international support for the Biafran cause. It has been said that the government now knows some “treasury looters” and international groups who are funding you and that IPOB accounts have been traced to some countries, particularly France. The French and the Turkish promptly distanced themselves from you. But the European Union and the United States spoke nicely. America says IPOB is not a terrorist organization and America will know.
But the Nigerian government that may not know half of what America knows is insisting that it is now a crime for anybody, even as young as five years old to identify with Biafra, regardless of the Constitutional right to the freedom of speech and association and the right to self-determination enshrined in the UN Charter. Indeed, it would appear as if the Nigerian Government has been able to break the spine of your movement, at least for now, and certainly, the way things are, the November 18 election in Anambra state will take place – with or without you. If anybody expected that there would be a massive protest in the South East over the treatment that has been meted out to you, that has not quite happened. All the markets in the South East are open; Igbo traders across Nigeria have moved on with their businesses. Life is so normal in the South East, the Nigerian military is dancing and beating its chest.
Northern and South Eastern Governors are holding meetings and congratulating each other. You turned 50 yesterday, apart from a few messages on social media, everywhere was quiet in the South-East. If this had been a month ago, the crowd that would have gathered at your doorstep would have stretched from Isiama Afara to Afikpo, and the cakes you would have received would have been uncountable. Rochas Okorocha recently got 27 birthday cakes, presented by 27 women, representing the same number of local governments in Imo State, you probably would have received a cake from every local government in the entire South East!
Since your disappearance there has also been little talk about self-determination or Biafra among Igbos. The sound of the narrative is gradually changing. There is more talk these days about Igbo marginalization, and the need to appoint Igbos into offices. One prominent Northerner from Kaduna has since gone to Chatham House in the UK to say Igbos should not complain about marginalization when they didn’t vote for President Buhari in 2015, and that it is foolish for any Nigerian to expect to reap where he or she did not sow. Nnamdi, you’d be surprised that appointment-seeking Igbos will mobilise your people, including your followers, to vote massively for the same people who are currently hounding you, in 2019. You can be sure this will happen. In fact some people are already boasting that the only way to have peace in Nigeria is to make an Igbo man President or Vice President in 2019. While you were shouting “Biafra or death”, some people were eyeing the business and political side of things. Every proposed revolution often runs into its own contradictions.
But don’t worry. It may be fashionable now to criticise Nnamdi Kanu but the wisdom of the mob is not always the best guide. I sincerely hope that you are alive, and that you’d not end up as an Abogunrin. Not every man has the opportunity to witness what life would be like after his own funeral. Treachery is one of those unsavoury ingredients of the change process. The deserters of the cause would claim they prefer to survive. The coffin maker prays fervently for business but he would never wish that his own family members should die. But take heart, hope is not lost. The fire that you have lit will continue to burn. Your struggle speaks directly to the subject of the national question. You have reminded all and sundry that Nigeria remains a troubled country and that there are many unresolved issues. Every effort has been made to kill your voice, and your movement, but the ideas that you have forced out of the cupboard will continue to resonate.
The good news also is that there are Nigerians in diaspora who have taken up the struggle. They went to demonstrate at the 72nd United Nations General Assembly in New York and on the streets of London. Your friends, FFK and Ayo Fayose are still standing by you. There are many others out there who also do not agree that you are a terrorist, even if they do not agree with your methods and rhetoric. You have also exposed the hypocrisy of the Igbo elite. You have exposed the desperation of the ruling class. Don’t let your head swell, though. If I must tell you the truth, you over-acted. Too much acting dey spoil cinema. You paid too much attention to ceremony. You were obsessed with your own heroism.
As you read this piece and reflect on your life at 50, let me remind you of the following statement which you made on August 27, 2017:
“Where we are is Biafra land. Aba is the spiritual capital of Biafra land. We started in Aba in 2015 at CKC. That day, heaven authenticated our move that IPOB will restore Biafra and that’s what we have come to do. We died in Aba at National High School. They shot and killed us in other places in Biafra land where they were protesting for my release. As our people rest in the grave, we’ll never rest until Biafra is restored. I don’t care what they say in Abuja. I don’t give a damn what they say in Lagos. I’m a Biafran and we are going to crumble the zoo. Some idiots who are not educated said that they’ll arrest me, and I ask them to come, I’m in Biafra. If any of them leaves Biafra land alive, know that this is not IPOB. Tell them what I said. Tell Buhari that I am in Aba and any person who comes to arrest Nnamdi Kanu in Biafra land will die here. I’ll never go on exile I assure you. Some people talk about restructuring, are we doing the restructuring of Nigeria now? Are we doing fiscal Federalism? Are we doing devolution? What we want is Biafra! Forget all the nonsense they write about us. We are not slowing down and no man born of a woman can stop us…”
Words on marble, Mazi Kanu, these are strong words on marble… Whatever happens, the fight of the python and the lion is a defining moment for Nigeria.

Paul and Peter of Psqaure engage each in a shouting match

Earlier today, a video of the Psqaure brothers engaging each other in a shouting match surfaced online. The singing due had a hot fight in front of their lawyer, Festus Keyamom, SAN. Watch the video below.

Monday, 25 September 2017

My parents were so poor they couldn’t afford to send me to school says Atiku

Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar has revealed that he couldn't have afford to go to school were it that he was born in this era, reason being that "my parents were so poor they couldn’t afford to send me to school"
Atiku spoke in Abuja while addressing a group of youth under the aegies of Play Forum. 
His words:
“I would not have gone to school if I were born today. My parents were so poor they couldn’t afford to send me to school. I was born during the era education was free, food was free for me, I was sponsored from primary school to the university. There was even a job waiting for me before I graduated. Yet, there was no oil boom then. I am certainly not a product of oil boom Nigeria"
Atiku, who is a vocal advocate of restructuring further stated that those afraid of restructuring are lazy. He also praised the Igbo for rebuilding the East after the civil war.
“Left for me, I will ask every part of this country to take charge of its resources while the federal government should handle defence, foreign affairs and immigration among others in the exclusive list,” he said.
“It should not be complicated to start with all the recurrent items in the constitution. The president can dialogue with the governors or the national assembly for states to take charge of the roads, hospitals, schools and such other items in the concurrent List while the federal government will continue with items on the exclusive list.
“So, I don’t know what those who are against restructuring are afraid of. Those afraid must be lazy. We fought the civil war with the Igbo. Today, the Igbo have been completely rebuilt, but we still find mud houses in the north. Is it the fault of the easterners that the north is like that?
“I think that what is most important is the devolution of powers and resources with the various governments whether states or regions. How do the people hold those in power accountable for the resources handed over to them?”
It is expected that Atiku would contest the 2019 presidential election.

Man shot dead in Port Harcourt

A man whose name is given as Akachukwu and an alleged member of the Indigenous People of Biafra, have been shot dead in Port Harcourt by an unidentified persons. See photos below.

Photos: Three policemen shot dead after armed men stormed Edo zoo

Yesterday, news broke that armed men stormed the Ogba Zoo in Benin Edo state. The attack left three policemen dead.
Director and Chief Executive of the Ogba Zoo and Nature Park, Dr. Andy Ehanire was also kidnapped during the attack. See the graphic photos below.

Gun men attack Oluband palace

A group of unidentified gun men today opened fire at the palace of the Olubadan of Ibadan Land, Oba Saliu Adetunji. The incident happened when the monarch was installing Mogajis and Baales on Monday. The assailants were said to have stormed the palace in a black Toyota Sienna and opened fire.
Photo: Punch

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Psqaure finally set to split, seperation papers sent to lawyer Festus Keyamo

Singing twins, Paul and Peter Okoye are set to go their separate ways after irreconcilable differences. This is not the first time the group popularly called Psquare are fighting, but this one seem set to put an end to the popular group.

News reports say the papers for the termination of their partnership has already been sent to their lawyer, Festus Keyamo, SAN.
Read what LIB wrote below:

“LIB can now exclusively confirm that Peter has sent a termination letter to their lawyer Festus Keyamo (SAN), demanding for a termination of the agreement between Psquare.
In the letter, he defends his decision by making some serious allegations against his twin Paul and older brother/group manager Jude.
According to Peter, Paul is no longer willing to co-operate with him, even going as far as cancelling their planned US tour this year without informing him, and he (Peter) has exhausted all options to make it work.
He also accused Paul of slandering his wife and children with lies on social media, and alleged that they’ve now been receiving threatening messages.
Peter further accused his older brother Jude of once threatening to kill him and shoot his wife Lola. This allegedly happened in the presence of Paul and former first lady of Cross River state Mrs Imoke. Jude allegedly also threatened to bring a coffin for him (Peter) if he ever comes near his house.
Peter insists that he has had enough of the drama and wants out of the Psqaure group and contract. The singer who now refers to himself as Mr. P, stated that he loves his brothers and their families, and he wishes them the very best in their careers. However he cannot betray his wife and kids as they are very important to him.”

"I forcefully slept with him afterward, I gave him N500” says homosexual

The police in Nasarawa state has arrested a 19-year-old homosexual who forcefully had a canal knowledge of a boy aged seven.
The man identified as Muhammed Sarki Noma-Sambo confessed to the crime. He took advantage of the boy who approached him for accommodation at Chingwe Market Lafia.
 Hear the suspect: "At about 2 am, I woke him up and told him, ‘I want to have sexual intercourse with you. The boy refused and I forcefully slept with him. Afterward, I gave him N500.”
Sambo revealed that there were about 1,000 gay gangs in the state. He also said he had done the act to 15 other children before his arrest.

Shocking: Teacher recieves manhood as award plaque

The award plaque given to a teacher in Mali turned out to be a giant sized manhood. Reports say the award was given to him by Maliwood. Lols! See the photo below.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Lols! See what they did to Nnamdi Kanu

Lols! My hand no dey o!

Journalist Emmanuel Antswen regains freedom after one night in police cell

After spending one night in police custody, NAN reporter, Emmanuel has been released. The journalist was taken in by the police in Benue state after he reported the protest by IDPs in Makurdi.
The Chairman of NUJ in Benue, Kris Atsaka was there to sign his bail.

Another look at Prostitution Among Tiv Girls

By Iorkyaa Lohodedoo

Prostitution is one among the ethical troubling waters that predates contemporary times. Howbeit, prostitution can equally be said to an act that has never received warm or worthy commendation by and sundry cultures in Nigeria. Ironically, despite the frantic efforts done by parents, guardians in the build up of Young and teenage girls, the amount and number of recorded cases of prostitution seem to be growing and increasingly progressing at a jet-speed.

Particularly among the Tiv people of the North Central Nigeria, virginity as enshrined in the people's code of ethics and value systems is a product of virtue and also an expression of the child's cultured and high-standard of parental upbringing. This goes without saying that the mother of a disvirgined girl is usually absahed (with a poferated wrapper) by her in-laws given that the wife(her daughter) is found disvirgined hitherto the day of her marriage. As the Tiv believe that Virginity can only be lost or broken through sexual intercourse. Thus, it reveals of the girl's waywardness. Bearing this thought as it is deeply buries in the sub-conscioisness of every parent(especially female) she would stop at nothing and do everything humanly possible in ensuring that the child or children's virginity is restored and kept sacred timely to her marriage. The above clearly explains in plain and precise words the stern stance and how abhoring prostitution and sex before sex is percieved among the Tiv people.

Perhaps, most recently, prostitution appears to be commonly identifiable among the Tiv people and is arguably progressing at its unfiltered and unfettered rate. This has undoubtedly attracted and drawn the concern of many to the possible causes and solution. Today the indulgence of some Tiv girls in the act of proatotution has covered quite a wide appeal. They are commonly seen across the major cities in Nigeria to.mention, Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano and more alike. It is common knowledge to deduce that while some of the said prostitutes deceitfully tell their parents, guardians or relatives they wish to go out to the city and "huzzle" even without genuine credentials others purposefully sojourn to engage in commercial sex business. As it is prevalent today, the majority of Tiv girls within the ages of 18-22 seen in most of these big cities are vulnerable agents of commercial sex activities. In most cases it has been uncovered that unhealthy competition and the get-rich syndrome are usually the driven and motivational factors that lured most ladies into the practice of this disdainful and libellious business.

Phew! They are in most cases easy to identify because the majority are made up of those who migrated from interior rural areas(villages) where most of the established schools therein use the native language(Tiv) in the dissemination of knowledge during class sessions. Thus, the adverse effect of this, is always bearing in their lives because they are build with poor use of English and communication skills. To this effect, their proficiency in the use of English becomes unappealingly poor and many are easily identified due to their inadequacy and difficulty in spoken English. In other instances, like birds of the same feathers flock together, once they found themselves in a strange land, they easily get entangled with each other so as to strike up a synergy.

On the possible reasons why some Tiv girls now engage in commercial sex business, possible reasons can be itemized thus:

1. Poverty Like many other states in Nigeria, Benue state is plagued and heaped in the problem of poor and bad political.leadership and unfair distribution of scarce resources, lack of established industries, redundancy in workforce and the ever growing number of.moribund industries are all factors that have impoverished the state. Granted the hard and harsh living conditions in the face of the fall and flux of economic activities and how shameful it is for her to engage in commercial sex business within her known area of jurisdiction or place of origin, the perpetuators of this dastard act would prefer to migrate to far distant land where the population of.people that may know her will be considerably little or .minimal. This will ennoble her cause as it will also make her more comfortable and at ease to settle

2 Pressure from peer / age group It is tenable that some Tiv girls caught in the business of prostitution today is evident and a result of the pressure visited them by their peer group. Ordinarily there are ladies who would not dare prostitution granted they are not griped by the fear and risk of loosing a friend(s) who they behold in high esteem and who may have been supportive to them. Thus, they are exposed to the dilemma of whether to choose the road less taken or risk plummet of.lossing some.dear friends.
Considerably as it is evident in most cases, the ethics of loosing such friend may not be a good alternative or choice to.make. Thus, they become lured into it.

3. Stigmatization and feeling of rejection The moment the lady begin to edge towards the marriage age (ie between 24-30) without a suitor readily waiting or available to seek or ask for her in marriage she begins to develop such feeling of rejection and feel stigmatized. For her, it may appear as the beginning of her doom days. It is always a period in the life of most ladies when they become desperate and ae willing to undertake any risk or task in order to satisfy their emotional, sexual and financial desires. At this point, prostitution may stand out as the best arbiter.

4. Lack of appreciable skills Because of low financial earnings and income even though some parents may have the thought of their children to be educated or liberated their shoestring budget could hardly afford them the opportunity of the children to be enrolled in schools/ any other formal institution of.learning. The children are nurtured into petty forms of trading and apparently dependent and when they take home cannot take them.home, they begin to seek.for alternative ways and most available now lead them into prostitution.

Designed by Jide Ogunsanya.