Sunday, 20 August 2017

There will be Total Eclipse of The Sun Tomorow and here are Few Things You Need To Know

Eclipse of the sun happens when when the moon passes through the sun and the earth blocking some parts or all of the sun thereby creating partial or total darkness. On Monday, August 21, there will be a total eclipse of the sun in many parts of the United States and other few parts of the world. Here are few things you should know.

1. The eclipse will be visible to people in North America, South America, very few parts of Africa and Europe.
2. The eclipse will be visible in all fifty states of US but total in the following US states: Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illonois, Kenturcky, Tennesse, North Carolina, Georgia and South Carolina. Few other parts of the world will witness it in partial.
3. The duration of totality will be 2 minutes 41.6 seconds.
4. The total eclipse starts from 9:04 AM PDT from Oregon  and ends 4:06 PM EDT in South Carolina.
5. The last total eclipse in the US was on February 26, 1979 and the next one is April 8, 2024.
6. Many evangelical Christians believe it is a phenomenon event pointing towards the end of the world. However, scientists see it as a natural event.

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