Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Scientists say saliva can help heal wounds

A new scientific finding has revealed that the human saliva have properties that can help speed-up the healing of wounds. Professor Vicente Torres, of the University of Chile, said These findings open new alternatives to better understand the biology underlying the differences between oral and skin wound healing. We believe the study could help the design of better approaches to improve wound healing in tissues other than the mouth.’
The discovery and breakthrough came after Prof. Torres undertook a research to unravel the reasons why wounds in the mouth heal quicker.
“Saliva is a key factor that contributes to the high efficiency of wound healing in the inside of the mouth.
“This is not only attributed to physical cues but also to the presence of specific peptides in the saliva, such as histatins.
“Histatin-1 is an antimicrobial peptide, highly enriched in human saliva, which has been previously reported to promote the migration of oral skin cells in lab animals.
“However, the participation of histatin-1 in other crucial events required for wound healing, such as angiogenesis, is unknown.
“Specifically, histatin-1 promoted skin cell contact and spreading as well as migration in the wound closure tests.
“Finally, we showed that salivary histatin-1 is required for the promigratory effects of saliva on skin cells.
The research was published in The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal.

Daily Mail

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