Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Exclusive: The Man Who Killed His Wife In Benue State is allegedly Threatening to Kill His brother In-law Too

Late Lucy
On Sunday, August 20 2017, Mrs Lucy  Terkaa a native of Tsambe in Vandikyaa Local Government of Benue state,  woke up like every other person but not knowing that it was going to be her last day on earth. She did not know that the man she was married to for 7-years would be the one to brutally end her life in a manner that has attracted condemnation. No one, including Lucy, and other close family friends suspected that Terkaa her husband was capable of hurting a fly. A reliable source who is a family friend of the deceased spoke exclusively to The Journalist Blog and described the act as shocking since Terkaa “is a gentle man”. However, all that is in the past now as he ended up killing his wife and mother of his two kids.
Investigations by The Journalist Blog reveals that Mrs Lucy had moved out of Terkaa’s house due to his inability to shoulder his responsibilities as a husband and also what a source described as recent bad attitude. Lucy had moved to her father’s house together with their two children.
Terkaa's first son
On Sunday after the normal Church service, Terkaa who hails from Ukan in Ushongo Local Government of Benue state, had called his estranged wife Lucy to come to his house. Unknown to her, she was being lured to her death. Lucy had innocently gone to the house hopping for a possible resolution of their differences. But that was where she met her death at Adekaa, Gboko.
According to our source, Terkaa “butchered” his wife’s face with axe after beating her thoroughly.
Although, there was not reported fight between the two lovers on that fateful day, our source said Terkaa has been misbehaving recently.
 “It’s not as if they were fighting before he used the axe on her. She went back because her husband stopped taking care of her and the children and they were always fighting”
“Her husband has been misbehaving lately, and she decided to go back to her father’s house. She decided to go back to her father’s house, she has been staying there with her kids until Sunday after service when her husband called her to come and pack some of her children’s clothes that he wanted to travel. When getting to the house, he locked her inside their room and used axe to butcher her face, after which he escaped through the window”
Terkaa and Lucy
Terkaa is allegedly threatening to kill his brother in-law too as according to our source, “he later called the lady’s elder brother to tell him he is the next in line”
Lucy’s father, Mr Akirghir said Lucy was invited by Terkaa for settlement when she met her untimely death.
“Yesterday, my daughter, Wasem who came back from morning mass told us (me and her mother) that that her husband Terkaa invited her for settlement”
According to him Terkaa hacked woman to her death and all efforts to rescue her proved abortive. Two axes and hammer were said to have been found in the room. Terkaa escaped through the window. Up till, our source say he has not been arrested, but Terkaa’s father is in police custody.
Lucy had been married to Terkaa since 2010 and both couples have two kids.

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