Friday, 18 August 2017

67-Year-Old Man Rapes His 6-Year Old Daughter While Her Mum was Fast Asleep on The Same Bed

A 67-year-old randy fellow whose name is not immediately know has been arraigned in court in Zimbabwe for raping a six year old minor while her mum was sleeping. The rape was said to have happened on the same bed on which the mother slept. 
According to Newsday Zimbabwe:
"During the night, the man undressed his daughter before allegedly raping her once while the mother was fast asleep.
During the alleged rape ordeal, the girl screamed, but was threatened with death by her father.
The following morning, the minor’s mother noticed some bruises on her private parts and on questioning her, the girl revealed that she had been raped by her father the previous night.
The mother went with the girl to the clinic and a nurse, who examined her advised her to make a police report and this led to the arrest of the accused"
The man has been remanded in prison custody.

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