Tuesday, 8 August 2017

29-year-old man arrested for stabbing 40-year-old man to death

A 29-year-old man whose name is not yet known has been arrested for stabbing another man, aged 40, to death at the Plymouth Railway Station.
Daily Mail is reporting that the two fellows may have known each other. According to a witness, the two men were engaged in an argument before the fatal attack.
'They were walking down from the footbridge, arguing, I was parked at the front here.
'They were going around my car and then the knife came out and he started stabbing him in the shoulder.
'There was blood on my car. The police have taken a blood sample.'

The Police confirmed that the stabbed man died at the hospital. According to Detective Chief Inspector Paul Langley, of British Transport Police, "at this time, it is believed the two men knew each other and had an argument at the station, which resulted in one of the men assaulting the other.
'The victim was taken to hospital but he sadly died despite the best efforts of the medical teams.' 

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