Friday, 7 July 2017

What to know about the Badoo Cult Group

1. Badoo is a dreaded cult group operating in Lagos state specifically in Ikorodu axis. Reports say the group has existed for 12 months and are responsible for 26 deaths between June 2016 and June 2017.
2.    The cult group has a way of killing which is rather gruesome and at best sadistic. The group kills with grinding stones, mortar, pestle and other heavy objects with which they smash the heads of their victims.
3.    Badoo operates in the dead of the night and makes sure that every household it visits is wiped out. Sometimes in May this year, the heartless cult visited a family of five in Ikorodu killing four and leaving one in critical condition. In that attack, it was reported that the group disemboweled a pregnant woman and went away with the fetus.
4.    On June 29, the murderous group visited David Ikehi’s family killing his wife, Priscilla and their son Moses while another son; Sunday was left in a critical condition. All were killed with a grinding stone.
5.     On July 3, the Police in Lagos and the Oodua People Congress, OPC raided the group’s hide-outs arresting 100 suspects.
6.    It has a emerged that the cult group is sponsored by ritualists who pay handsomely for the blood and brain of victims of attacks. Confessions extracted from arrested members show that Badoo uses white handkerchief to wipe the blood and brain of victims. The handkerchiefs are then sold for as high as N500,000 each to herbalists and other ritualists.
7.    Residents of Ikorodu have resorted to self-help following the incessant attacks. Many suspected members of the group have been descended upon and lynched by angry mob. It is being alleged that three innocent persons, one of them Chinedu Paul popularly called “MC-Think-Twice” and his friends were allegedly lynched after being found driving in an SUV around 1:00am. The comedian was said to have attended a show and was coming back when his vehicle broke down. He called his friend to help tow the car with his SUV. It was gathered that a stone was found in the SUV and they were subsequently lynched at Odogunyan after they could not satisfactorily explain their mission. Chinedu’s Facebook friends have raised alarm that the comedian was innocent and are calling for justice.
8.    On July 6, Governor Akinwumi Ambode declared that the Badoo group are not spirits and are therefore not invincible, stating that the state would wipe out the group.
Victims of Badoo attack. (Image source:

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