Friday, 28 July 2017

The Billionaires' Battle: Bill Gates overthrows Bezos after a day reign!

Amazon founder Jef Bezos

Microsoft founder Bill Gates
The battle of who becomes the richest man in the globe was taken to fun point this week by billionaire tech giants Jef Bezos and Bill Gates. In a list released earlier Thursday by billionaire tracker, Forbes, it was reported that Jef Bezos Amazon's founder and CEO has overtaken the brain behind Microsoft, Bill Gates in the billionaires race. Bezos' fortune reportedly soared above that of Gates after Amazon's stock appreciated and made him $1.5 billion overnight and grew his net worth to over $90 billion that day.
However, the game changed hours later when Amazon's stocks doped, returning Gates to number one. Gates have been on the list 23-years out of which he has emerged the richest in 18.


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