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Relationship Rules for Men 1: Make Money First

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Is it true that money isn’t a factor in a relationship? Is it true that true love doesn’t require money to succeed? Well, I want you to give your own answers the questions above. But in my own opinion, the notion that money is not a factor in building a healthy relationship is highly erroneous. In fact, to a large extent, it is false! Money is, and will remain a very important factor in every relationship.
Money is the oil that lubricates the engine of love. Believe it or not, money is the salt which makes love tasty. Without money, many relationships will be tasteless and also runs the risk of overheating.
Without fear of exaggeration, I must say that money is among the first things most girls consider before saying yes to a man. A girl who says yes to you when you are still poor either hopes that you will make money very soon or knows very well that the relationship is temporal.
There is no exaggeration here. It’s just the painful reality that many guys refuse to accept. Girls are like babies-they need care and attention. They are like flowers-they need frequent watering, manure and pruning.          This is especially so in Africa where culture has conditioned women to think of themselves as liabilities and not assets. Many girls see themselves as a heavy weight that every man must carry. It is my considered opinion that guys ought to be ready to bear this weight before jumping into any relationship they plan to keep.
There are rare exceptions though. There are few girls out there looking for responsible partners with whom they hope to build a successful life together. But as I said, they are few. Many of our girls don’t want work in progress, the want works that are already complete.
The bottom-line is that you need money to keep and maintain a relationship that is worthwhile. You need money to water love. You will hate yourself if you can’t take care of the girl you love. And you know what? She won’t hate you at all, but she will wake up one day and tell you this: “it’s not working again”. She won’t explain further. So dear guys, you want a sustainable, enjoyable relationship? Work hard and make money first. Don’t rush! There will never be shortage of beautiful girls because as Ayi Kwei Amah said, “the beautiful ones are not yet born”.

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