Saturday, 22 July 2017

Relationship: How long should a good sex last?

Sometimes ago in my village, a hilarious story was told of a 30-year-old man who had canal knowledge of a teenager. The treacherous sexual act was said to have taken place in a bush “under an udala tree”. They were lucky to escape being caught by passers-by and also escaped the bite of creepy night ants. However, nature caught them! Some weeks later, it was revealed that the young girl had been put in the family way! Of course, accusatory fingers pointed in the direction of our man who was promptly summoned to explain what he knew about the scandal. Of course, he didn’t deny sleeping with the girl, but curiously denied being responsible for the pregnancy! His ground of argument? The entire “show” didn’t last up to two minutes and as such couldn’t have resulted in pregnancy. Our one-minute-man had to be reminded by the elders that “you don’t have to build a hut and live inside a woman’s body before she gets pregnant or she is satisfied”
That story had got me thinking seriously about sex. No doubt, the elders were super right! But on a more serious note, what constitutes a good sex and how long should it last? How do you define a good sex? Is it the one that lasts 30 minutes, 1hour or more? Or is sex deemed to be good when it results to pregnancy? Well, I will attempt a personal definition of good sex which may or may not apply to you. I define a good sex session as one in which both partners leaves the scene satisfied irrespective of how short it may have lasted. In other words, you cannot say your sex was good when you were the only one that cornered all the derivable pleasure.  Neither can you lay claim to a good sex simply because you lasted long. The fact that a man can last long does not mean he can satisfy a woman. It goes far far beyond that!
It has become imperative for couples to define their sex life properly and also answer the question of what a good sex means to them. A peep into the internet reveals that Viagra manufacturers are bent on redefining the meaning of sex or what it means to satisfy a woman. To them, a good sex starts from 30 minutes to 2 hours. In a bid to sell their products, these medicine men claim their drugs could make you last 3-4 hours in bed! Incredible! The Internet is awash with advertisement of viagras that can help you last several hours in bed. Or to help you make a woman scream or even shout! Or tear your bed cloth. Or make her kick your TV or bite your nose.
Why would a man want to last several hours in bed? I mean which woman would even allow that? Are you a porn star? Why would you want to spend a whole 60 minutes plus on top a woman? Are you a donkey? That would amount to sexual madness!
It is said that women like men who last long, but I think this is a bit exaggerated, or even an outright lie! What most women want is prolonged foreplay and passionate lovemaking no matter how few the minutes. Men who take drugs to last longer are selfish. They want to enjoy longer, even if it does not satisfy the woman or even causing the woman pain. Not all cries let out by women during sex emanates from pleasure. Some come from pure pain and they may never tell you!
Let sex be a win-win game not a marathon! Both parties must have the interest of each other at heart! That’s good sex.
As we must note, lasting longer in bed does not necessarily satisfy a woman. The only woman you should sex with Viagra is a prostitute, not your love! Even a prostitute would demand you get down quickly to enable her attend to another customer. I believe sex is an art that must be learned, mastered and enjoyed by both parties. It is not a competitive marathon requiring performance enhancing drugs. Just know your woman and touch her where she wants. The same is applicable to women-know your man! You will satisfy each other in minutes; it doesn’t have to take hours. When it comes to sex couples should use their heads, not drugs! Of course, we should know that some of these drugs have dangerous long term effects, so avoid them, except when you are diagnosed of a sexual problem by a qualified medical personal and Viagra is prescribed for treatment.

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