Monday, 31 July 2017

Pregnant pepper seller thrown into cell over N50 change

Iyabo Taiye, a pregnant pepper seller in Lagos recently suffered a case of 'complainant turned accused' when she was thrown into cell by the police after reporting an assort against her.
Taiwo, 30 sells pepper on Hassan Ogunlana Street, Ijaiye, Lagos State.
Taiye's problem started after a man identified as Simon bought red pepper from her on Monday and was supposed to collect N50 change.
On Wednesday, Taiwo did not open shop on time having visited her ailing husband at the hospital. She said hardly had she opened her shop that Simon came for the change.
“I explained to him that I had used all the money on me to buy peppers and begged him to give me little time to sell so that I will give him the change.
“But he dipped his hands into a basket to pack some peppers. So, I held his shirt. He freed himself from my grip and threw me into a gutter. I went to report at the Meiran Police Station and some policemen followed me to arrest him.
The drumbeat however changed at the police station.
“On getting to the station, he spoke in English and Igbo with a police officer. Then, a policeman told me that some people beat him (Simon) and that I would be detained until they arrest those people. Simon was told to go.”
Taiye said she regain her freedom 24 hours later after parting with N4, 500

“I was locked up inside a cell. They didn’t give me food. I was feeling pains all over my body. Members of my association later contributed N4,500 before I was released in the evening of the following day (Thursday).
“My pregnancy is over seven months now. I have gone to do a scan at a hospital to know the condition of my baby. The result will be out on Monday (today).
“The Commissioner of Police invited me and some policemen to his office in Ikeja on Friday. He was angry with them and told them to refund the N4,500. They asked me to come for the money on Monday (today).”


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