Saturday, 15 July 2017

Photo: This photo of a lioness breastfeeding a bably leopard will definitely melt your heart!

In what conservators at the Tanzania's Ngorongoro Conservation Area have described as a rare case of cross-species suckling among wild cats, a lioness was photographed earlier in the week breastfeeding an infant leopard. Officials at the Area described it as unique since the two species are normally mortal enemies.
The baby leopard is seen being breastfed by the lioness named "Nosikitok", who officials say may have lost may have lost her own children. "It is quite possible she has lost her own cubs, and found the leopard cub in her bereaved state when she would be particularly vulnerable," said Panthera President and Chief Conservation Officer Luke Hunter. See the picture published by wild cat conservation group Panthera, below.

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