Monday, 24 July 2017

Lols! Nigerians on Facebook are already analysing the photo released yesterday by the Presidency

President Buhari visited APC leadership and some state governors

Nigerians have started analyzing the photo taken yesterday when APC leadership and some state governors visited ailing president Muhammadu Buhari in London. See a post sighted on Facebook after the cut.

"There are renown media houses in Nigeria,Nigerians will only accept this pictorial evidence if a Nigerian journalist accompanied the governors.
I expect a picture of the President walking in to meet the governors and exchanging pleasantries with them.
I was expecting the media to broadcast audio and video clips of the discussion.
I expect to see the president to walk the governors as they were leaving.
You can't arrange bananas,water Mellon, coke and water in front of the governors and smiling buhari's picture among them to make people believe the governors spoke to him.
What stop the presidency to release the same pictures when the vice president visited him in London?
We didn't elect a president to watch his pictures.
I believe president buhari is alive but the pictures release were arrange by professional photographer.
I wish him the best of recovery but our intelligence shouldn't be insulted.
Every human is bound to fall sick at any given time."

As shared by Smith Takema

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