Saturday, 29 July 2017

In Delta, 62-year-old woman weds 75-year-old lover

Two old lover birds, Geraldine 62 and her man, Joshua 75 has tied the nuptial knot in Deltal state. The couple are said to have been lovers in their youth before they separately married and that their love story was ignited again after they met recently in Agbara and resolved to convince their children to give in to their marriage. Mrs Geraldine's children were against the union but gave in when the woman threatened to kill herself. Mr Joshua's children reportedly saw the union as an extra-burden to the family but gave as a way of making the man happy.
While Geraldine, who separated from her husband after they had five grown up children, is Isoko  Mr. Joshua an Urhobo, lost his wife seven years ago.
The couple now lives in Omiyale in Ejigbo, Lagos. Congratulations to them!
Mr and Mrs Joshua


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