Sunday, 30 July 2017

If you are not skilled in music, go to school, says rapper, Reminisce

Rapper, Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru popularly called Reminisce has harped on the importance of education and said he regrets not being a graduate. The rapper advised that those who are not skilled in music should rather go to school. He also said he is very much interested in politics and sees himself as a future politician.

“For anybody who wants to make a career out of music, you have to be sure that you are skilled and that it’s something that you can do sustainably; if not, go to school. Either ways, it is important to go to school, whether you go into full-time music or not. I actually regret not being a graduate.
“I always keep my private life private as I believe that I have the right to my privacy. There is a very big difference between Reminisce, the artiste, and Remi, the family man. I thank God because I’m comfortable and I don’t need validation on social media. I don’t have to put everything I own on social media so that people would know that I have arrived. Inasmuch as I’m not begging anybody for food, it’s all good. Instead of flaunting material things, I prefer to invest in people.
“I am interested in politics and I see myself becoming a politician in future. One is not going to do music forever and I need to plan my life properly. I also love to engage in business, so I see myself doing a lot of that too.”  

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