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How To Deal With That Terrible Mouth Odour

I had a rather terrible experience some years ago while seating for an important public examination. I was terribly unlucky to be attached to a seat-mate whose mouth oozed a killer-odour that gave me headaches several days after the last paper. I made several efforts to change my seat, but my request was rebuffed by inconsiderate authorities. As a matter of fact, I was unable to disclose my reason, for I never wanted to embarrass the fellow. So I suffered for close to a month. And after the last paper I was almost hospitalized! It was no joke and I’m not in any way exaggerating. My seat-mate’s mouth odour had a stinging sensation in the eyes and would strike your nostrils like a ballistic missile! You know that type of odour that sends your brain spinning around the exam hall, leaving you in a confused state; so that you make several mistakes and cancelations in your work? Hmm!
          I have realized that many people are faced with this problem due to several factors that can easily be taken care of. In the first place, another name for bad breath or mouth odour is Halitosis, and according to TeraBreath an approximately 30% of people around the world have it. So you are not the only one.
The major cause of mouth odour is the accumulation of anaerobic, sulfur-producing bacteria that usually grow beneath the tongue. While breaking down proteins into amino acids, these bacteria also excrete wastes which come as odour. Other causes of mouth odour are inadequate oral hygiene, food and ill health.
But no matter what the cause, it can be taken care of. It is your responsibility to take care of your oral health. As a matter of fact, no one will tell you your mouth smells. Yes! People find it embarrassing so to speak. So the onus is on you to know what to do to eliminate a smelly mouth. In case you have mouth odour, or you know a friend who does, then this is how you can deal with it once and for all.
1.     Brush your teeth properly: take care to brush your teeth very well. Let your brush touch the entire 32! It must be in, and out not the visible parts alone. Brush the incisors and canine very well! Make sure you expel all the bacteria lodged within the gaps as they eventually decay and breed odour.
2.     Get yourself a good tooth brush: get a good tooth brush for yourself. Preferable it should be soft so that you can comfortably use it without incurring wounds in your tongue or gums.
3.     Brush twice daily: it is particularly important that you brush your mouth at least twice daily, first in the morning and before going to bed. Don’t be so accustomed to the traditional morning brushing alone. Learn to brush before going to bed and make it a habit. It helps to remove remnants of food that would decay over the night and breed odour the next day.
4.     Use mouthwash: This should help when you eat food that contain onion and garlic, dairy foods, meat, fish, refined and processed sugars, coffee and juices.
5.     Pay attention to your tongue while brushing: As a matter of fact, it is the tongue that smells. This is where the bacteria are lodged. Some people never brush there tongue. That’s the origin of that odour in your mouth! And unless you start paying attention to your tongue, your mouth will continue to smell. Brush your tongue properly each morning. From time to time, scrub your tongue to eliminate the ‘odourferious’ bacteria.
6.     Change your brush every three months: it’s amazing how people use one brush for two years and expect their mouth to smell fine. Brush is not that expensive the last time I checked. So you can afford to change it at least once in three months. Don’t buy the N50 brushes that their bristles go their separate ways after few days. Get a good brush!
7.     Consider changing your toothpaste: what type of toothpaste are you using? Have you considered trying a different one? Some toothpastes themselves breeds odour. I recommend Colgate and Close Up.
8.     Eat healthy foods: Garlic, onions are breeders of mouth odour. Do you know that some people eat raw onion, or garlic in the morning before going to work? That’s terrible! Your mouth will never smell fine with remnants of garlic and onion lodged in strategic parts of your teeth and tongue. Eat fibrous foods like apple and vegetables.
9.     Visit your dentist: if you have tried the suggestions above and your mouth odour persists, it’s time to pay your dentist, or medical personal a visit. The underlining cause of your problem may be somewhere else other than your mouth. This is very important as you get properly diagnosed and treated if your condition is already chronic.

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