Friday, 7 July 2017

"Free to Chop more Money Shey?" Twitter user asks FFK after his Biafra tweet

"Free to Chop more Money Shey?"

A twitter user with the handle @AleseFemi  posed the above question to former Aviation Minister Chief Femi Fani Kayode after tweeting that "Oduduwa Republic shall be established no more than 6 months after Biafra has been created. Then we shall be free. TIME FOR REFERENDUMS!".
Then came the barrage of responses from Nigerians who are apparently well informed on the touchy issue of Biafra and Nigeria's unity which have been called to question by recent events. A coalition of Northern youths recently met in Kaduna and issued a historic quit notice to all Igbos residing in the North. Although the action of youths have been roundly condemned by prominent Nigerians, it nonetheless brought to fore cracks among Nigerians. The agitation for Biafra with Nnamdi Kanu as its new postal boy has increased considerably, although it is believed in some quarters that many Nigerians (including Igbos) are against secession.
Responding to FFK's tweet, another Nigerian @MaxmoLei disagreed with him stating "Our strength as a nation lies in our diversity and size. Not secession". In his own @akin_ojo states thus: "I think am old enough to know that those agitating for Oduduwa and Biafra are deceiving the masses. don't turn the places to Southern Sudan" he responded apparently referring to the war in Southern Sudan after its independent.

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