Monday, 3 July 2017

10 amazing facts about Garri


1. The word ‘Garri’ is not an English word. It has Hausa origin and it means anything powdery. The English name is cassava flakes.
2.     Garri is produced and consumed in large quantity mainly in West Africa.
3.     ‘Eba’ is a Yoruba word which means ‘Gari fufu’ or paste made from adding hot water to Garri. The Igbo call it ‘Utara’ while it is known as ‘Teba’ among the Hausas.
4.     Garri comes in two colours: white and red.
5.     In Ghana, a combination of soaked Garri and beans is known as ‘yoo ke garri’.
6.      Garri contains large quantities of carbohydrate since it is made from cassava.
7.     In Nigeria, soaked garri mixed with groundnut, honey, coconut or peanut is a delightful staple among Nigerian students.
8.     In 2017, there was a nationwide outrage when Garri was reportedly imported into Nigeria from India. The package which was sighted in a supermarket in Lagos had a price tag of N450.
9.     In 2014, popular musician, D’Banj unveiled Koko garri. An 18kg of Kokogarri went for N5000.
10.   Garri is now easily one of the most expensive foods in Nigeria. The prices of garri have remained high in Nigeria since 2016 with a “custard” rubber going for as high as N1200 in some parts of the country.

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