Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Hearty Welcome!

It is with a heart full of joy that I, Israel Usulor welcome you to my blog. I must confess that creating and owning a blog has been a burden I have carried around for some years now. It came to a point when nothing seemed to matter anymore except creating a blog where I can reach out to people through timely, informative, inspirational and helpful content. Today, I decided to take my desire and passion to the next level. I stepped into a café and the result is what you see on your screen. With The Journalist, I set out to give power to the powerless through quality information. The blog will cover those issues often ignored by our big media players. One thing I promise you my dear cherished readers: there is not going to be any dull moments as you keep visiting this blog. And don’t forget, also tell your friends about The Journalist. Yes! There is going to be lots and lots of exciting news items, ranging from politics, social issues, sex, human angle, gosips, celebrity news, entertainment, sports and so much more. Stick around!

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