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Ranching: US Ambassador backs Ortom

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Benue State Governor, Samuel Ortom's advocacy for the establishment of ranches for cattle rearing today received the support of the United States of America Ambassador to Nigeria, Stuart Symington.
The US Ambassador who visited Governor Ortom at the Benue Peoples House Makurdi, said if cattle are properly reared in ranches instead of open grazing, Nigeria could be one of the highest income earners from milk production.
"I come from a family of farmers and part of my family used to move cattle from one state called Colorado to another state called Texas every year and over time they changed until now the cow business that they do is very much one that takes advantage of the land and we have to move them on trucks. 
"I had a great conversation the other day just outside the city of Jos with one of the great milk producers of the world, a company that produces milk. And I talked to the guy and he was mentioning to me that the milk that comes from the Fulani cattle can be incorporated into the great milk produced here. Literally the future of the nation could be rich when the milk of those herders get fed to the sons and daughters of families and their vegetables get fed to the sons and daughters of the herders. I am happy that you are thinking in this direction Mr Governor", the US Ambassador stated.

Governor Ortom thanked the Ambassador for the visit and solicited the assistance of the United States in the realisation of the move for ranches across the country, stating that it is one reliable way of guaranteeing peace in the country.
"Let me on behalf of the government and people of Benue State welcome you to the Presidential wing of the Benue Peoples. I appreciate your visit. We were glad when we learnt that you are coming to visit us because we look up to America for a lot of things. Today the Presidential system of Government that we practice, we borrowed it from America.
"I have been advocating for ranching which I know America for the rearing of cattle instead of the grazing that we have in Nigeria today. Because of the shortage of land, the issue of grazing has become a major security challenge, especially in my state. Frequently, there are clashes between farmers and herdsmen because the land is not there and my people are mostly farmers so they find the herdsmen encroaching and trespassing on farmlands and thus destroying their crops and when they are confronted, it will become a fight and we have lost so much.
"I have been calling for the establishment of ranches just like it is done in America. Most of us look forward that our Government at the Federal level and the state level will come together and find a lasting solution because this crisis is not only peculiar to Benue State. There are other states too that are affected. But to me, I see that ranching as it is done in America can solve the problem permanently because the land is not increasing but the population is increasing.
"When there were grazing routes in the fifties, the total population of Nigeria was less than forty million. Today, by the 2012 projection, we are over a hundred and seventy million and by 2017, I am sure we will be hitting two hundred million. So it is a big challenge. While we want to support the herdsmen to graze and to rear cattle, it should not be at the detriment of lives and property of our people. And so you are welcome."
Governor Ortom also highlighted other areas of collaboration between the Benue State Government and the United States:
"America has been supporting us in several ways. USAID has been of great assistance to my Government. Before I assumed office, they were about leaving the state but I invited them to come back for dialogue and since then, they have been of tremendous help to us" the Governor stated.

Shocking: "My girlfriend has a spirit husband and I don't want to leave her"

A man, Vaci Danies, has taken to twitter to appeal for help concerning his girlfriend whom he said has a spirit husband. He is asking for help to get to a strong native doctor who could excorcise the spirit. See his tweet blow.

Pls save a brother and retwet until it's get to a potent herbalist, my Bae get spirit husband and I don't want to leave her so am looking for cure for her. Pls twitter Nigeria

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Inspiration Corner: Explore your talents

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by Israel Ugochukwu Usulor

Have you asked yourself why no matter how high you threw a cat; its backside will never touch the earth? Do you wonder why the cheetah runs so fast? Are you amazed that a horse would run miles without as much as panting? Is it difficult for you to understand why birds fly so effortlessly or why fish are expert swimmers? We can go on and on enumerating the natural abilities of animals. Animals are able to do the various spectacular things they do because it is in their nature. Birds are naturally equipped to fly, just as monkeys are equipped to sleep on trees without slipping. This is what man calls talent-that natural ability to do something so excellently with little or no sweat.
No man is without a talent. Everyone has it. No man is empty. Every man is full. What is painful is that many men die with their talents. It’s due to this waste that Myles Munroe once admonished us to “die empty”. But for you to die empty, you must discover and make proper use of your talents.
Knowing who you are and what you were born to do is as vital as life itself. The first necessary step towards success is self-discovery. You have to know your inert abilities. Some are born singers, dancers, actors and actresses, footballers, writers, artists, comedians, mathematicians and so on.  Who are you and what can you do?
I give you an assignment today, and I urge you to take it very serious. You must urgently embark on a journey of self-introspection. Search within your inner man to discover the talent which lies in there. You must discover it; it’s the first step in your journey of building a successful life.

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Inspirational Interview: "Why I Started my Own Business"

In Nigeria today, many graduates look forward to clinching high-paying white collar job immediately after leaving school. While many have been lucky in this aspect, millions remain unemployed years after graduation. The truth is that the jobs are no longer there. While many of these graduates remain idle without trying anything on their own, others chose to take their destinies in their own hands by starting something no matter how small. One of those who have chosen this honourable path of entrepreneurship is Tolulope Omotunde, a graduate of Micro-Biology and the CEO of Movib Foods. She is doing extra-ordinary things with Nigeria's local rice, saving many the financial stress of buying foreign rice. The Journalist Blog spoke to the "Foodist" recently. Read excerpts of the interview below.

TJB: Tell me about yourself

Tolulope:  I am Omotunde Blessing Tolulope, a graduate of Micro-Biology from Ekiti State University and a Post-Graduate of Gender Development Studies at the same university.  I am from Ekiti State, Ifaki-Ekiti to be precise. I have always lived in Ekiti State, had all my education in Ekiti state. I was privileged to change environment for a year, all thanks to NYSC. 

TJB: What do you do for a living?

Tolulope: As someone who has expenses and needs a source of income, I realised staying idle and anticipating for a job, is not an option for me. Then I thought about what I love to do. I am foodist, who is passionate about quality service and healthy consumption. So I decided to go into the sale of hand-picked Igbemo Rice and other hand-processed food.

TJB: Is Igbemo Rice the same thing as local rice? 

Tolulope:  Yes! Here in Ekiti, we have our own locally grown rice. Ofada Rice is rice grown in Ofada Town in Ogun state. Instead of that, I sell Igbemo Rice, a rice grown in Igbemo-Ekiti. It’s our own indigenous rice and that is mostly sold around here.

TJB: So you package yours in small bags, how is that acceptable among the populace?

Tolulope: It is stony, and I hand-pick, remove shaft before packaging. Lots of people avoid eating it because of the stone-phobia and stress associated with the separation. With me removing this immediate problem, many have come to embrace it. It is time-saving and you don’t have to worry about breaking a teeth while enjoying your local dish. Not just that, a lot of people find it hard getting unadulterated plantain flour, which we call “elubo ogede”. I take the pains to buy bunches of plantain, peel, dry and powder it too. All these, just to see people get to eat healthy.

TJB: Lets talk about the business now. Have you been succeeding?

Tolulope:  I am in business for barely a month now, and I must say God has been faithful, though it hasn’t been easy. Trying to build a client base is one hard nut to crack, as a start-up. Feedback from clients have been positive, with some promising to come back for more. So far, no negative feedback has been given and that’s what motivates more about the business.

TJB: How was it starting? Any discouragements?

Tolulope: I started small, I just told few persons that I am starting to sell hand-picked rice. When they showed interest, I picked up my mum’s rice and started picking. That was how I started. With the increase in demand, I had to go for a bag. I wasn’t packaging, In fact, I sold per rubber for sometime. With the dream I have in mind as a foodpreneur, I had to start packaging and then look forward to the bigger picture.

Discouragements? There are days I wished I have more money to brand properly, register my business and introduce more food items to my stock. Then I wish I can reach out to more persons so as to patronise me and delivering to clients outside my location too. But it has been getting better with time. I am very positive I will get through this phase successfully, shortly.

TJB: So where do you see yourself in 5-years?

Tolulope: In 5-years, I see myself as a household brand, with most homes having our products on their shelf and our products will be readily available in reputable stores across the country. With my background in Micro-Biology, I am currently working on a very nutritious food. I am hoping we can have it round the year, as it’s seasonal and we also don’t have to worry about food poisoning. I look forward to having a breakthrough in that aspect by then.

Part of our proceeds will go to charity, as am very passionate about girls’ education. Then I am looking forward to my brand to champion girls’ education and other beautiful initiatives.

TJB: On a lighter note, tell me about your relationship. Any man around? My readers may want to know.

Tolulope: I don’t mix business with pleasure, neither do I take distractions lightly. I interact a lot, which is obvious on my social media handles. I am single and I am not in a rush to settle down. I deserve the best and I’m patiently anticipating.

I'm HIV positive but that doesn't define who I am

By Thembelihle Mkhwanazi
My name is Thembelihle Mkhwanazi and I'm 19-years-old. This is my story. I was born HIV positive and I only found out when I was 13 years of age. During early childhood phase I would constantly get sick and people thought that was going to die. My parents knew what was happening and it really got them in shock. I have flash backs of pastors praying for me to get better. I was taken to every best doctors so that I can get better. One day my dad and I went to the hospital for check-up and I incidentally over-heard the nurse talking about ARV's with some parent of the child with the same condition as mine.
That got me curious and I went to my dad and asked: "why are we here for check-up everytime, It is annoying me"?  "It's because you are special" was his replie to me and he couldn't look me in the eyes as he said the words. Next appointment came and I was with my dad again, "dad what's this medication for"? I asked "That's because you are sick but it's okay, don't worry about it".
When we got home, I asked my dad the same question. Fortunate enough  my mom is a trained nurse , she sat me down and explaind everything I needed to know because she felt it was time for me to know the truth  and that is when  she told me I'm HIV positive.  My mind that day and that time was miles away, looking at myself in the mirror saying "So cute on the outside but ugly on the inside" .I remember I would just cry out of nowhere thinking about the virus. One day I said to myself no "one can see that I have the virus so let me florish".
I kept this a secret from my friends and family, only my parents and I knew . I did not let the virus define me, it was not written in the forehead. I was playing with other children because I'm normal, and was happy through out my childhood with no complications. I have finished my high school last year and no one knew about it because I was not ready for the stigma and countless questions that may arise. I can be funny, I can sing, I can swim, I can act I can do everything I want. Taking medication is important. My mom would usually give me hiding if I missed medication because she cared. Funny enough I even forget that there is a virus in my body.
This is why I’ writing this: do not let it be the subject of your life! Never allow that! God made you into his own image, you worth more than gold, gold was created by God; do not let the issues of the world be your issues. LIVE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU WANT TOO. Their problems are not yours.
 HIV is not a death sentence. HIV is a virus and it is not a death sentence.

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Relationship: 10 Ways To Re-Wire Your Brain After A Terrible Heartbreak

Heartbreak hurts like hell! It hurts like a slash of a sharp sword! The pain of heartbreak bites like the sting of scorpion and tears through your heart like the sharp end of a poisoned arrow. The pain is real! I mean so real you could touch it with your fingers. You feel betrayed, cheated, rejected and dumped. Many people who have gone through heartbreak never wish to experience it twice.
Dealing with heartbreak can be challenging especially when it involves a serious relationship or when you are dumped by a trusted partner with whom you have spent some lovely time. Whether you are the dumped or you dumped someone, dealing with it can be a challenging task. I dare say that if not well handled, heartbreak can send you into serious coma and depression or even alter the course of your life. Yes! It’s that serious. Heartbreak can ruin a life! But it can be perfectly handled such that the person comes out stronger, wiser and better. Are you going through heartbreak or recently came out of one? If yes, this write-up is for you! 
1.    Accept it and move on: The first step towards recovering from heartbreak is to accept that your heart has been broken and that the relationship has ended. Accept it as a reality you cannot change. It is only when you accept that the both of you are no longer together that you would be able to make the necessary mental shift required for permanent healing.
2.    Re-wire your brain: To recover from heartbreak, you need to make a serious mental shift. Our brain works like machine. It can be re-wired to face a new direction. You have to move your brain away from you past relationship and focus on building your life. Focus on the future and potentials you have. Take good care of yourself and look good. Don’t look unkempt and make sure you eat well. Encourage yourself and make your brain to understand that it is not the end of life.
3.    Give yourself some space to mourn: I want to say that one of the most difficult things in life is losing a loved one. It is particularly difficult to say good bye to someone with whom you have shared everything. You have sacrificed time, money, energy, and creativity for the relationship and at the end, you get dumped or you have to go because it didn’t work out. You feel sapped and drained. To deal with this feeling, you have to take out time and mourn. You have lost something valuable and dear to you. Don’t stop yourself from crying if you wish to. Express your grief and let it out. Suppressing it would worsen your situation.
4.    Reflect on what really went wrong: There is always a reason for a breakup. What really went wrong in your relationship? Was it your fault or that of your partner? Be frank to yourself. Open up to yourself. If it was your fault, accept it and forgive yourself. Every heartbreak makes you a better person, and this an opportunity for you to be a better in your next relationship. If it was your fault, what attitudinal changes are you willing to make so as not to lose your next partner?
5.    Maintain a reasonable distance for your ex: For your broken heart to begin the process of healing, you have to maintain a reasonable distance from you ex. Avoid all possible contacts since this will make you relapse to the past and depression. Let your ex know that you need time to recover and that you may not be able to answer calls, return texts messages, e-mails or return calls as usual. You must also keep off social media and don’t fall into the temptation of constantly checking the social media contacts of your ex. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and any other place you see your ex, is a threat to your recovery.
6.    Get rid of things that remind you of your ex: There may be things in your life that point directly to your ex. For instance, birthday gifts like phones, jewelries, clothes, handbags, and even apartment, if both of you stayed together should be replaced. Don’t throw them away. You will need them later when your heart calms down.
7.    Don’t go into another relationship yet: Most times people are tempted to start another relationship immediately one ends. Some use this to heal, others just want to show the ex that “there are many fish” in the river. Well, it’s fine if it works for them. But the most ideal thing to do is to stay out relationship for a while. This helps you to re-position your heart and mind for something new. You have to properly digest the lessons learnt from your previous attempt.
8.    Make new friends but not commitment: heartbreak must not make you a recluse! Go out and hang-out with friends. Make new friends from both sexes. Don’t hate the opposite sex. However, hesitate to make new emotional commitments since your heart may still be colored by your previous experience which will in turn affect your judgments of what you really want from a relationship.
9.    Don’t hate your ex: Yes, this may appear tricky, but it’s necessary for you to heal and heal well. Some bitter hearts go as far as wishing planning attacks or even wishing their ex death. This is not proper. Hating your ex will do you no good. On the short run it helps you to “revenge” at the early stage of your heartbreak. But as days and weeks pass, expunge hatred from your heart. Hatred is a poison and it gradually eats you up even if you have moved on. To truly move on, you have to let go and forgive your ex. This will bring you true healing.
10.                       Finally, when you are ready, fall in love again. Don’t be afraid, or allow your past to affect your new life. Now, you have learnt some lessons from your heartbreak and also knows what you want from a relationship. You are in a position to become a better lover. Go ahead and catch fun with a new date.

Ben Bruce mourns Senator Wakil

Senator Ben Bruce has reacted to the death, earlier today of Senator Ali Wakil who represents Bauchi South at the Senate. Wakil collapsed today and died at his Abuja home. Reacting, Senator Bruce described the late Wakil as "a true politician"

He tweeted this evening:

Devastated to hear about the death of Senator Ali Wakili. He was more than a colleague, he was a personal friend. He was also co-sponsor of my Alternative Energy Bill. A true politician. May God grant us and his family the fortitude to bear this loss.

"I mistakenly sent porn video to my dad"

A twitter user, Dustman has confessed to have mistakenly sent a porn video to his dad. However, it turned out his dad liked it and he asked for more. Lols!

Lols! This warning notice pasted by a student whose phone was stolen will throw you off balance!

A student whose phone was apparently stolen in his hostel room pasted this notice. Lols!

How my mum was drugged and robbed by a lady she offered a ride

A lady, Mmakgomo, has taken to twitter to lament how her mother was robbed and dispossessed her of valuables by someone she had offered a lift. She said her mother was robbed of 6k and her mobile phone.

"So my mom got drugged and robbed 6K along with her phones yesterday for offering a young lady that seemed stranded a lift. Be careful guys we live in a cruel world." She tweeted.

Bauchi Senator slumps, dies in his room

Malam Ali Wakili, the Senator representing Bauchi South at the Senate has been reported dead. The 58-year-old senator was said to have slumped at his Gwarimpa home earlier today in Abuja. He was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead. Senator Wakili was the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Poverty Alleviation

"I've Killed more than 100 people, but I'm now born again" man confesses

A man identified as Adeola Williams alias Ade Lawyer has confessed to murdering over 100 people for the past 10 to 20 years. The man is currently in police custody after being arrested in Lagos.
Ade, who hails from Ijebu Igbo, was said to be an assistant to Azeez Adekunle Lawal, Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers in Idumota, Lagos.

Here is the story he narrated to Vanguard Newspaper:
“Assassination has been the source of my livelihood for more than a decade now and I know I have taken many lives that I can’t even count but God knows I am a new person now.
“If I get a chance to regain my freedom in this life, I will never go back to crime again. I also advise the millions of youths out there that crime does not pay. I was into crime for over 20 years and despite the risk involved and lack of rest of mind, I have nothing to show for it except the uncompleted three-bedroomed bungalow in Ibadan.
“I have nothing on ground to fall back on despite taking the lives of more than 100 Nigerians as an assassin. May God forgive me.
“A fight broke out when he was about leaving the hall and I found my way to the front where I succeeded in snatching his watch from his wrist. People saw me struggling with his bouncers and the next day, they brought policemen to arrest me in my mother’s house.
“I thought about my predicament because my wife was heavily pregnant and the money I was getting from Oluomo wasn’t enough and I wasn’t ready to use my gun for armed robbery, so I decided to end the life of the man who refused to help me mend my relationship with Agbede.
“I decided to rope in Olorunwa because he was the one who ruined my life. It was my support for him during his fight with MC Oluomo that made me to lose my position at the union. After he was removed from office, he had so much money but he was wasting it on women and movie actors and he refused to help me.
“If he had given me good money after he left office, for staking my life for him, I won’t have been roaming about looking for who to kill. I was just so bitter, so I framed him. I made up the story that he paid me N500,000 to kill Kunle Poly and I also lied that I seized his vehicle because he was owing me a balance of N1m.”
He however said he has "finally decided to come clean and say the truth and give my life to Christ. I also lied earlier that I worked for Prince Kazeem Aletu during the fight between him and Oba Elegushi.”
“Though I didn’t know Prince Kazeem before, I have heard his name very well before and I asked for assistance from him several times through somebody who knows him but he refused to help me, and that was why I mentioned his name too. But now I am a born-again Christian and I will always say the truth and stand by the truth.”

A MUST READ: A touching letter written by an anonymous man whose wife died of cancer

My dearest angel, I promised to keep you safe and protect you for as long as I lived, but I feel I have failed in my duty. You left me in April and I feel so cheated by life.
You were my entire life. You fought the battle against cancer twice, and I remember you saying that the only reason you put up with all the treatment was for me. I was terrified of losing you the first time round.
You had the most beautiful hair and it pained me to have to shave it when you were undergoing chemotherapy. When the treatment was completed, all I wanted to do was to hold you and not let you go.
This time, when the doctors informed us that there was nothing they could do, I was shattered. You could see that I was lost and it affected you, my angel. I am so sorry that I was not strong enough to help you cope.
We dreamed of growing old together, but little did I know that all the plans we made would come to nothing.
I hate coming back to the house now. With you no longer here, it is no longer my home. It’s just a place I come to lie down before I go back to work the next day. I dread the weekends, when I have to be in the house with the memory of your illness. Nothing makes sense any more.
I will always cherish the 20 years that we were together – the best years of my life.
While going through some things on your laptop, I found a recording of your voice and I play it every time I feel alone. All I have now are the memories of us together. My greatest fear is that I will start to lose those.
When you were here, I took it for granted that you would be at home when I came back. Here to give me a hug and ask me how my day was. Now that I have lost you I feel so empty and I wonder how long I can go on without you. I miss you so much.
You were my best friend and my soul mate. Friends tell me that time will help me adjust, but I do not want that. I want to remember you until the day I meet you again, wherever that is. Nobody will ever take your place in my heart. I will live each day as it comes.
Wherever you are, I know you are watching me and I will try to live by your principles.
Until we meet again, my love.

As Published by The Guardian

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil" Dino Melaye says after court gives go ahead for his recall

Senator Dino Melaye has vowed to continue to speak the truth despite the recall battle facing him.
After the Appeal Court gave a go ahead for his recall process, INEC had said "“For now, all legal hurdles as far as we are aware have been removed so the commission should proceed as if the case did not occur,”

INEC’s Director of Publicity and Voter Education, Mr Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, said this while featuring on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Friday.
He said the electoral umpire will release a time table for Melaye's recall process and adds that “if all the steps are successful, then we will have to go and conduct a referendum,” 
But Senator Dino Melaye has said he is not detered. Speaking to Channels TV, the controversial Kogi Senator said "I shall overcome"

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil. The battle to continue to speak the truth and fight for the oppressed civil servants and people of Kogi State is a battle of no retreat, no surrender. Every lie has an expiry date. I shall overcome.”

Melaye's recall process started last year after his constituents submitted signatures asking INEC to recall him. INEC immediated initiated the process and released a time table. However, the process was later stalled by litigation which was finnally cleared by the Appeal Court earlier in the week.

Obiano to be inaugurated for second term today

Amid pomp and pageantry, Governor Willy Obiano of Anambra will today be inaugurated for a second term in office after winning the the 2017 governorship elections. Congrats to him!

"It is a gift from Allah" says man whose wife delivered a baby with 4 legs and 2 genitals

In a shocking twist of events, a housewife in Katsina state has been delivered of a baby with unusual features. The baby comes out with 4 legs and 2 genitals. The baby was delivered on March 9, 2018 by Zainab, a 20 year old second wife to a man identified as Ibrahim, a resident of Sabon Garin Makiyawa in Magama Jibia, Katsina State.
According to Daily Trust Ibrahim and Zainab had been married for four years and already blessed with a three year old son, Fahad.
However, the husband has described the child as a gift from Allah. 

His words: 
“I was a bit shocked and confused but I realised it was a gift from Allah, the knower of all things, and I cuddled my baby and prayed,” Ibrahim said.“In the morning, the news began to spread like wild fire and people began to troop into my house. The following day, I took her to the hospital and the doctors have now referred us to the Turai Yar’adua Children’s Hospital for medical attention,” he said.
“The child has both sexes and four legs, the two abnormal legs and a penis are on the left side of the ribs, only one of the two additional legs is moving, the second doesn’t.
“I can say it’s a girl because the longer and normal legs have a female genital at their proper place,” Ibrahim added.
“For now, I’m made to understand from some health officials that she may need surgery to correct the defects and was given a referral later to the Aminu Kano Teaching Hospital to meet a consultant paediatric surgeon,”
He however said he is unable to move the child to Kano due to financial constraints and appeals to public spirited individuals for help.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Jumbo Pay: Former Governor Peter Obi speaks on what state governors earn

Former Governor of Anambra state, Peter Obi has said that if what State Governors earn is made public, it would generate more outrage than the one that followed the revelation that senators earn 13M.
Obi spoke, Thursday at this year's dialogue organised by Ripples Centre for Data and Investigative Journalism in Lagos.
Obi said:

“None of you knows what a governor earns, quote me anywhere if you know you won’t be here,” he said.
“It is something you can’t imagine. You just know the one of senators, and you are shouting, but what if you know that of the governors?”
“America’s GDP is way above Nigeria’s but an American senator earns $174,000 (about N50 million) a year and you can imagine what his Nigerian counterpart earns in a month,” he said.
“In America, governors earn according to their state. The governor of California is the highest paid in America, and he earns $192, 000. The smallest state earns $70, 000. But in Nigeria, I can tell you because I’ve been there, the cost of just keeping convoys alone is in millions. And when people ask me why am I saying these things, I tell them that even if we made mistakes yesterday, can’t we correct it today?”
“I asked them, why are all these vehicles following me, and nobody was able to explain to me. I didn’t stop it because of them following me, but the cost of maintaining them was high. I asked them why do we need to spend about N30 million fueling these vehicles that 60 percent are empty when following me?” 
“What is the essence of a bulletproof car? Anyone who wants to kill you would come when you are out of the car. For eight years I didn’t use, and they didn’t kill me.”

Red Carpet: Shehu Sani, Reno Omokri react

Senator Shehu Sani and vocal critic Reno Omokri have reacted to President Muhammadu Buhari's walk on red carpet when he visited Yobe state yesterday. Buhari had walked on red carpet when he visited Government Girls Science and Technology College, Dapchi where 110 girls were abducted by Boko Haram terrorists on February 19th.
Reacting, Sen. Shehu Sani tweeted:

"A Red carpet should be for the Oscars or Grammy or Caines but not for Dapchi."

On his part, Reno Omokri acused the President of walking on the blood of innocent Nigerians killed under his watch.

Declare Herdsmen as Terrorists, Soyinka tells Buhari

Nobel Laurate, Prof. Wole Soyinka has urged President Muhammadu Buhari to designate Fulani herdsmen as terrorists. He gave the advice at this year's edition of the Ripples Nigeria Dialogue an annual conversation that tackles critical national issues. He also spoke against the proposed Hate Speech Bill which pro posses capital punishment for hate speech.

“Life has become so trite, so cheap, that a group of supposedly rational, intelligent people in this world, especially a world that is trying to get rid of its degrading punishment called capital punishment and they come and decree hanging, No, they’re not going to hang anybody.
“They just want an instrument to silence people. It is ironic of course that I should call Nigerians to resist this law,”
Prof. Pat Utomi; former Governor of Anambra State, Mr Peter Obi; human rights activist, Dr Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi and Dr Reuben Abati also partook in the conversation.
Designed by Jide Ogunsanya.